Catch The Hooligans With Contraband in Airport Scanner

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Catch the hooligans and scan thousands of bags to find weapons until you go blind with Airport Scanner.

Airport perhaps is one of the busiest place in the world and with every people of different nationality you encounter, there lies some impatient travelers and hooligans who would try to bring all kinds of contraband onto flights. Good thing there are airport scanners which inspects every passengers luggage for everyone’s security and safety.

Are you one of those curious ones who wants to know how those scanning machines in the airport actually operate? With this app that I’ll be introducing,  it will not just let you experience how the machine works, it will also test your sleuthing skills in detecting fatal items that are forbidden to be carried on the baggage of a passenger.

Take charge of inspecting bags at the and help catch those bunch of bad guys and bring them to justice with this iOS app review.

developed by Kedlin Company is a tap and slide, time management application where you identify illegal items in passengers’  (or scumbags’) luggage using a virtual airport scanner.


  • Dozens of challenging levels!
  • Five Fun Airports – Honolulu, Las Vegas, Chicago, Aspen & London.
  • Real TSA Prohibited Items
  • XRAY 2000 – Top of the line luggage xray. Fully upgradeable!
  • Line Management – fast track first class passengers, hold next flight passengers and get flight crew on their flights! with just one tap!
  • Bonus Game – Punish passengers & earn xray bucks
  • Tons of Hidden Rare Items
  • Item Logbook – Track your progress in the logbook.
  • XRAY Shop for Scanner Upgrades
  • 25+ Addictive Achievements – Earn them ALL!

Additional Features

  • Beautiful iPhone Retina graphics
  • Universal support including iPhone 5.
  • Game center leaderboard and shareable scores
  • Share the fun on Facebook and Twitter


The game is pretty similar to, you know, the Diner Dash and the sneaky Office Kiss game concept although with this, you have to sort out and detect those deadly items that are being scanned by the machine. Albeit its plain simple, the game actually added some twists making it more engaging and gratifying. However, personally, I had a hard time whenever passengers were involve in my task like prioritizing those who have 1st sign above their head. I mean if you’re that good in multitasking then this won’t be difficult on your part. I guess I have to hasten my skill on that!

In the game, you fill in the shoes of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents at the airport  in Honolulu and monitor luggage for some illegal items. There are silhouette of things inside the bag in different colors. It’s difficult to distinguish the object your targeting especially if they are already mashed up. Hence, you must be keen in detecting the weapons or else, a corresponding star will be deducted to you. Tap the illegal objects such as an axe, pistol, guns,  bomb, crossbow to name a few. You can check out the prohibited items at the logbook. Once you’ve tapped an illegal item, it will be highlighted indicating that you have successfully detected it. Make sure not to tap bags that don’t contain weapons or the TSA agent will waste time and might delay the flight. However, if illegal weapons are missed and pass through then there is a security breach. After 4 security breaches you’ll lose that level.

This app also includes the Airport Scanner Bonus Game where you dole out  justice to passengers that had illegal items in their luggage but didn’t make it through security. You may punish them and choose the severity of their fine with the following:

  • Easy Justice – Guaranteed payout of up to $100 X-Ray Bucks
  • Fair Justice – No limitation risk and payout of up to $300 X-Ray Bucks
  • Touch Justice – High litigation risk that may result in monetary damage, but could also result in payout of up to $1,000 X-Ray Bucks

It is a fun fast phased app that has 21 missions that need to be accomplished. Basically you just have to scan the carry-on luggage  inspect them and get the deadly weapons. You may unlock and power-up your x-ray machine to speed it up. Using X-Ray Bucks,  as the game’s virtual currency, use them to boost the ability of your scanner by purchasing X-Rey power ups in the X-Ray Shop. As you progress in the game, you must also find hidden rare items plus of course, play the bonus level where you punish passengers and earn x-ray bucks. Balancing the bag searching with fast tracking passengers can be exasperating but definitely it leads to some rewarding moments.

Overall,  will surely get you frustrated as it tests your multitasking ability and at the same time will entertain you as you fill in the shoes of the airport personnel.  It’s a refreshing app that gets your eyes and brain work simultaneously with just its simple game mechanic. More importantly, it’s addictive and differs from all the runners and tower defense games populating the App Store.

Now, here’s your chance to operate  the X-ray scanner  at the airport. Get this app on the for free!

View the video below to know more about the app:


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Catch The Hooligans With Contraband in Airport Scanner
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