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Play free casino games in Slots Palace Casino.

Would you like to go to a casino and play? I can feel some of your nodding heads with a little hesitation though. Casinos are home for rich people, players who desire to hit the jackpot, and to those who want to take home a huge amount of money out of luck. It is a usual place with real pleasure such as resorts, hotels, and high-end shops that will tempt you to spend your money.

The idea is nice given the chances of winning on various casino games. But before we go and play the game, are we ready to take the risk of losing? Gambling is not about winning all the time but also the willingness to accept the possibility of losing the game.

Going to casinos is my youthful dream and to play at least one of the games there is a matured achievement for me. If only I am given the entire privilege to do so, I will definitely grab that one time opportunity. Playing the casino for free with different people-elite-around the world rarely happens to a middle girl like me.

Not all of us are that familiar with the casino games and I don’t exactly know how it feels to win through gambling for I have never been to a place like that. Nevertheless, here is a brief description of each game for you to have an idea before you go to a casino and play:

Slot- is a gambling machine with three or more reels that spins every time you push a button or pull a lever. Some of the machines have currency detector to validate an inserted coin or money.

Blackjack- is a worldwide banking game also known as twenty-one. It is a comparing card game between player and dealer only with one or more decks of fifty two (52) cards.

Roulette- is a casino game named after a French diminutive for little wheel. The croupier or dealer spins a wheel in one direction to determine the winning number and color.

Poker- is a single play card game that involves betting. The ranks and combinations of cards- revealed in the end- determine the winner.

Now, are you ready to gamble? With by mobile-slots, android users may experience real casino without spending a dime. Get the same pleasure as you play Lara Croft Tomb Raider, Mermaid Millions, and Thunderstruck Slots. If you think today is your lucky day, spin your good fortune with the famous European Roulette. Don’t forget to show off your cards skills in European Blackjack and Jack or Better Poker after you successfully win the slots and roulette.

Game Features:

  • Flawless and pleasing game graphics
  • Casino like experience
  • Creative slot ideas like Tomb Raider, Mermaid Millions, and Thunderstruck

Note: The app needs internet connection.

The Final Bet

I get delighted when I first saw Slots Palace Casino since it is my first time to see free casino games- slots, poker, roulette, and blackjack- in one application. I won’t say that I don’t gamble at all but I am not a pro either. I often hear my relatives having chit-chats with their closest friends about going to casinos. I never thought that it is a place to gamble at first making me think that it is just a typical place to hang out. But when I have learned that elders go to happy place called “Casino” my curiosity heightens. My expectations were extremely high because I am looking forward to play such casino games for I always imagine myself waking up in Vegas. However, my expectations were replaced with a little disappointment because of the flaws that I keep on encountering. But I must say that Slots Palace Casino is a promising app that provides real entertainment for free. I love the Tomb Raider and Thunderstruck concept so much because I am a fan of Lara Croft and Thor. So seeing a slot game with such designs is sure amusing. On the other hand, the app is misleading because it lacks instructions and helpful information that causes confusion to users. Apart from that, it keeps on hanging, the game screen box is too little, and the buttons is not working with slight and one tap only. You have to tap the buttons a lot of time before it works which is really tedious and frustrating.

Still, the app is free. I hope to play a better version of the game next time. Slots Palace Casino is a good app to download if you want to save time going to casinos and want to practice your gambling skills. Give it a try and welcome yourself to the casino game world!

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