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Even before birth, babies have the innate capability to listen and discern voices outside of the womb. Research has proven that the developing fetus shows a discernable penchant for the soothing voice of the mother. From that alone, it can be said that the voice is a distinct characteristic of an individual.

Take for example the bomb shell of the year 1960s’, Marilyn Monroe. Monroe was known not only for her tantalizing figure but for come-hither and breathy voice. Anyone remember her singing the “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to John F. Kennedy on May 19, 1962?  Another historical person who had the stilted voice enough to create the theatrical effect of his speeches was Alfred Hitchcock. On the other hand, Martin Luther King Jr. had the smooth and deep voice that easily captivated his listeners.

A person’s voice is a distinctive characteristic of who they are. So imagine the possibilities of being able to freely change the pitch and tone of your voice. Well, thanks to the technological advancements available today plus the brilliant app created by Arf Software Inc, you can easily change the sound of your voice.

Introducing Voice Changer Plus. The app that changes the quality and sound of your voice! Choose from a variety of options: underwater, mouse, haunting, whisper, warped plus a whole lot more! There are over 40 different voices to choose from, and all of these promise high quality voice morphing.

Share your hilarious voice recordings on Facebook and Twitter or email them to your family and friends for instant laughs.

The app is free for download on the app market and is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch 2nd to 4th Generation and the iPad with an iOS of 4.0 or later. The upgraded version of the app is available for only $1.99 and offers premium features namely, sharing the voice messages via email, building a library of gag recordings perfect for any occasion and saving an unlimited number of recordings for immediate playback.

I’ve tried the free version on my iPod and it definitely cracks me up. The app is perfect for those awkward and boring moments when there is nothing left to do, plus it’s also a great way to bond with kids aged 5 and up.

Devin Cross

Nurse by profession. Writer at heart. Food Lover. Closet Otaku.

Change Up – Voice Change
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3 comments on “Change Up – Voice Change

  1. it’s going to be April fool’s everyday!!hehehe
    really nice app..
    thank you

  2. My brother used this app to make a prank call. well, It would have been funny if I weren’t the victim. I gotta download this. It’s payback time! lol


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