Pet Love: Kitten and Puppy Sanctuary for iOS

As far back as my memory reaches, I know that I’ve had a soft spot for puppies and kittens alike. I can’t even remember a time when we did not have a pet in our household. Learning through my parents that animals should be treated as humanely as possible and that they are not toys, my understanding of their silent companionship and unconditional love is strengthened with each new cuddly buddy we take under our wing. Even though I’m not so fond of having a feline gracefully creating havoc in our living room, I still do find them unbelievably cute. Yes, I am a dog-lover and I’ve been living my whole life with them. Although some of our little monsters had already seen their sunset, and no matter how many dogs we’ll have in the future, they’ll never be forgotten. Because just like us, they have different personalities and they’ve left different marks in our lives.

Saying goodbye to our pets is such a hard thing to do because it feels like a part of us had also been taken. And to pacify myself from the heartbreak, I make myself believe that my pets are just abducted by aliens and I just wasn’t there to hold their paws as the spaceship’s rays pulls them away. Pityful, huh? But that’s just me coping with the loss. So, imagine my delight when I stumbled upon the applications by Clockwork Pixels which seems to be literally taken out of my brain! Complete with pet-abducting aliens and the cute little kitties and pups, Kitten Sanctuary and Puppy Sanctuary made me feel like my pets aren’t gone and that they’re just living smoothly in a parallel universe.

We can all attest that there are no shortage of pet applications in the AppStore, so much so, casual games. I’ve tried a serious number of animal applications and by far, Clockwork Pixel’s work are the best in many terms, the story line for one. Both applications are very well-written and I do commend all the thought on the dialogues. Okay, I honestly spazzed on the extremely wide imagination of the writers because it feels like the app is solely made for me. With all its wonderful colors, out-of-this-world game flow, and the over-all charm of the applications, no one could possibly stop me from feeling oh so connected with the apps because beneath my seemingly tough exterior is a kid-at-heart who’s easily moved. And in accordance with my “pink” alter ego, here are two applications which takes me to a pretty place inside my head where I run around chasing butterflies and poodles!

Stop The UFOs From Getting Near Your Pets!

That’s basically the gist of both applications

You have tons of pets nestling in your backyard and they’re all in danger of getting scooped up by pet-loving aliens. Of course, there’s no way they’ll succeed without a hardcore fight because a true cuddly buddy owner will never concede. Okay, exaggeration aside, the player only needs to solve a couple of puzzles in order to defend the welfare of his pets. After all, it’s a “sanctuary” and not a pet adoption center, right? Taking guard of your virtual little monsters won’t come easy but through sheer determination and a sacrifice of your brain power, I’m sure we’ll all succeed on keeping them safe and unharmed.

Don’t be such a wuss now because the puzzles are in the form of a match-three kind—much like Bejeweled—where you can get the hang of it even after a single game. What more can I say? Casual-gamers galore!

Kitten Sanctuary and Puppy Sanctuary: The Gameplay

First and foremost, you have to make your pets feel at ease under your eyes. Playing with them, feeding them, and simply taking into mind what they want is your primary goal. There are options where you can choose whatever it is you want to do with them, as comparable to a Tamagotchi device.

Come the time that the hovering aliens decides to snatch your little ones, you have to finish a match-three type of puzzle in order to defeat the pesky outer space creatures! On the grid are pet paraphernalia like milk, kitty or doggy snacks, and some medicines. Vanish enough of them and you’ll be rewarded with special blocks to annihilate more items on the grid and win the level. In terms of the level of challenge, the puzzles might be a bit too easy but umping it up on the “tricky” mode might get you scratching your head in the long run.

Through out the game, you’ll acquire a handful of in-app currency. With this, you can buy different materials for your sanctuary to keep it equipped and in tip-top shape. Don’t stress yourself from thinking that you’ll have to open your wallets because there’s no need for that, really. If you’ve managed to save up a lot of money through constant play, just go to the store and pick whatever item you’d want to have in your sanctuary. You can choose from toys to decorations (i.e. wind chimes, flower boxes, play pen, etc.)

To Each Its Own: Different Pets, Different Stories

Like us humans, animals have stories of their own. If you’re fond of watching Cesar Milan on his Dog Whisperer show, then you’d know exactly what I’m talking about. There are no two dogs that are one and the same. Hey, even twins can never be 100% identical, right? I mean, personality wise. Clockwork Pixels took this into mind and created a wise history and personality of your pets.

An example of this is Olly, the toxic green cat, who reiterates that he’s really an octopus. It’s just the right amount of cute and imagination. I assure you that reading through your pets’ stories won’t be a bore! If only I can give its writers an ear-shattering applause, I would.



  • 10 kittens to choose from
  • 15 game levels
  • 3 game modes
  • Customizable sanctuary for your felines
  • Suitable for both iPhone and iPad with separate levels to match the device
  • Family sharing through the availability of player profiles.


  • Retina display
  • Cute and cuddly puppies to choose from
  • Ancient-ruins themed
  • 3 game modes
  • Suitable for both iPhone and iPad with separate levels to match the device
  • Family sharing through the availability of player profiles.


The little 5-year-old girl in me claps continuously with the over-all look of the applications. They are both simple, themed, and very easy on the eyes. Users can get the hang of it with just a few minutes on the game. Kids and adults (ehem!) can watch the hours pass by just by playing Kitten Sanctuary or Puppy Sanctuary.

Harrie The Pet Saver!

For a free app, and is surely worth the download. If it’s just a casual game you’re looking for, then rest your Temple Runner and take on the challenge of fostering a number of four-legged ball of fur. The while the Puppy Sanctuary remains free. But for me, the free version already has too much to offer.

Both applications fed my already in denial attitude regarding my departed pets. With each cat or dog that I save, it’s as if I’m taking a very deep breath of contentment. See? The app has got me imagining more beautiful things, which ain’t really bad—but if you consider my age, well, that’a  different matter then. Nonetheless, because of my emotional relativity with the applications, it’s now on top of my list.

Take a look on the video below to get a sneak peak of the Puppy Sanctuary:

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Pet Love: Kitten and Puppy Sanctuary for iOS
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