Memory – Snow White: Snow Drop Twisted Fairytales

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On September 26, 2012
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Match all the blocks and delve into the fantasy world of Snow White.

It all began with the birth of an undeniably beautiful child. Her innocence and delight irked the greedy and envious witch, enough for her to seek the demise of the young lass who unconsciously stepped on her misplaced ego. Seasons changed and years have passed, the child grew into a fair maiden with skin as white as snow. Question: Do you know the next events of the story? Is that a yes? Then come aboard as we revisit the forest where Snow White encountered her seven friends, the evil witch, and her Prince Charming.

Difference Games LLC created a hypnotic application to tell the infamous struggles and the emergence of Snow White, our heroine. With great illustrations and sound scoring, is a perfect app for introducing the fairy tale to the young ones and for those reminiscing adults like me.

The tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs originated in Germany and spread through the whole of Europe. As a Disney baby, I have been made aware with the existence of such fairy tale due to their 1937 film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Being the brainchild of the Brothers Grimm in 1812, the story did not receive major blows in its theme and over-all story line. The main elements remained untouched in sense; the enchanted mirror, the poisoned apple, the prince, and the seven dwarfs who’s only alteration is their adoption of individual names. Disney’s depiction of the prominent tale has proved to be a success since their short-haired sophisticated Betty Boop-like character is the one we think about when we hear the name “Snow White”. Not that I have anything against their work but let’s just say that I’m searching for something more artistic in a way, if that makes sense.

Needless to say, with the Memory – Snow White: Snow Drop Twisted Fairytale app, my search has finally come to an end and I received more than what I’ve asked for. It is basically a casual game of picture matching. After finishing a challenge, that’s when the beautifully created illustration will be shown alongside a soft narration of the tale. The initial puzzles will definitely be easy but it gets harder and harder as you progress in the game and in the story.

Memory – Snow White: The Game

You won’t be getting just a narration because you’ll have to twist your memories to get to the happily ever after.

First and foremost, there are three levels to choose from; easy, normal, and hard. The levels are relative to how many image blocks are present in the game. In the easy mode, there are no more than 12 blocks for you to master while in the hard mode, ready your eyes and photographic skills for some memorization test.

With each right pair you turn over, the score bar on the bottom of your screen will increase and with each wrong pair, it’ll cost you 20 points. If you’ve solved a challenge without any mistakes, expect your score to sky rocket.

Upon finishing a level, the underlying art will show it’s vibrant colors as a woman narrates the part of Snow White’s tale. As of now, I am not entirely sure how many art works are in the app because I can’t get pass the part where the witch saw Snow White’s image on the magic mirror plus I was playing in the hard mode—figures!

Harrie The Memorizer

Two thumbs up for the app’s illustration and wonderful sound scoring! It’s hard for me to really get the aura of an application especially those with a mismatched theme and background music but Memory – Snow White is just perfect! Although I already know Snow White’s romantic and victorious happy ending, the illustrations made me thirst for more. It’s also a good game to play right before you go to sleep because it doesn’t have that “tense” feel. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it’s boring, what I mean is, it’s a feel good game perfect for some alone time before you doze off.


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Memory – Snow White: Snow Drop Twisted Fairytales
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