Worldwide Breast Cancer Awareness Issue No.1

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On October 10, 2012
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This month, Applatter supports Breast Cancer Awareness and offers an app that helps women regularly check their breasts.

We want to fight for a cause, and we’ve got the technology to do it!

Since October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Applatter would like to join the cause and take this opportunity to introduce several applications specially designed to increase breast cancer awareness around the world. Watch out for our other posts this October!

Since more and more women (and even men) have succumbed to breast cancer every year, Rethink Breast Cancer developed a free application that can help us detect the silent but deadly killer. Your Man Reminder ensures that people, especially women, check their breasts monthly, looking for any signs of danger. Fact of the matter is, breast cancer can be cured if found early, and there are apps available for your smartphone or tablet to help you evade and beat it.

We just cannot deny the fact that the number of people who have been treated for breast cancer is growing fast around the world, and because it is common for us to just skip the regular checkups, Your Man Reminder offers us an attractive alternative to a gynecologist’s reminder during a visit. You do visit your doctor regularly, don’t you?

With Your Man Reminder, you will be able to choose a virtual boyfriend/personal assistant of sorts who will remind you about the things that you will need to do and watch out for when it comes to the dreaded big C. An app that lets a hot guy check your bosom? When do we start, right?


Things to Love

Great Choice of Men

Care to ogle? Just take a look at these yummy angels: (top row, from left to right) The successful businessman, the boyishly handsome preppy, the suave heartbreaker, (bottom row) the sweet boy-next-door, the rugged blue-collar guy and the hardworking athlete.

And then you get to choose the pose on top of everything! Giggle!

Sweet Reminders from Your Chosen Man

Hey honey, your breasts need some TLC (Touch, Look, Check). You’ll have to do it, now with those gorgeous eyes looking straight into your soul!

A Man That Knows What to Look For

Of course, the app, or should I say, your chosen hunk fills you in on what alarming signs you should look for when checking your breasts. You get to take note of any unusual lump you discover while giving your breasts a little bit of that TLC. The notes you keep can come in handy the next time you visit your doctor.

A Concerned Man

Speaking of doctor’s appointments, the app also comes with a feature that lets you set your next doctor’s appointment. Your chosen man will give you a head’s up when the time comes that you need to visit your GYN again!

Well, then. Everything you need from a man/boyfriend is here in digital form. Now there’s no way you’ll put off checking your breasts regularly.

Got an Android or iOS device? Go on, download the cute reminder app on  or !


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Worldwide Breast Cancer Awareness Issue No.1
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