Go Sprinting with Rayman Jungle Run!

Review of: Rayman Jungle Run
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Ubisoft Entertainment

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On October 30, 2012
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Sprint blissfully with Rayman Jungle Run!

Rayman Origins, the critically acclaimed floaty-limbed console game now made a major leap from consoles to devices for a new touchscreen adventure: Rayman Jungle Run.

On your marks… get ready to sprint blissfully through the splendid rendered environments of this app right after the break.

If you’ve enjoyed playing Rayman Origins, then there’s no doubt that you will fall in love with the treasure chest chase levels of Rayman Jungle Run.

Rayman Jungle Run is a running game by Ubisoft Entertainment where you guide your dude to different stages with occasional tight spots and help him overcome the literally close-to-the-bone obstacles at every turn.

Glorious Features

- Beautiful graphics
- New worlds to discover
- New powers to unlock
- Captivating music
- Smooth touch-based controls
- Exclusive wallpapers to unlock for your device


Not So Familiar Gameplay

Despite the familiar – yet still stunning – art design, the mechanics of this app are notably different. Rayman instantly charges forward the moment you start playing and with just a single tap of your finger then you can help him clear gaps, avoid nasties, and collect shiny Lums. It’s pretty much the same as Temple Run and other endless running apps, isn’t it?

Changes in direction works well and you can select when and how high Rayman must jump, you can also force him onto a different path or reverse his direction – giving you the thrill of tapping at the right moment.

Although Rayman accumulates extra abilities as you progress in the game – a wall run in world 2, a helicopter jump in world 3, and a punch command in the final world – the very objective of the game is to do your leaps with perfect timing.

The stages are relatively short, however searching for glowing Lums and secret passages can take upwards of more than an hour. Lums are essential in the game and with each standard level (9 per world) contains 100 of the glowy buggers, all of which must be gained to attain a gem-like tooth. Also, if you get to collect five or more of precious chompers then you’ll get to unlock the 10th and final level of that world, set in the ”Land of the Livid Dead”. There are also moments where a timer pops out in top of the screen, and players then must avoid obstacles such as thorns, flames, and bottomless pits to pass to the exit alive.

This game also provides unlockable powers and plenty of secrets, as well as Game Center leaderboards where players can compete against others for bragging rights.


Runaway Success

Rayman Jungle Run has retained the console platformer Rayman Origins‘ impressive graphics and made the overhauled experience into an utterly captivating runner game. This astonishing app is running through the and jungle for $2.99, download it now!

Feast your eyes on the video below:

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Go Sprinting with Rayman Jungle Run!
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