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Electronic Arts Inc.

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Surviving High School for android is a fun interactive story adventure of a high school student.

In the many episodes of our lives, high school is one of the best chapters that we love to recall the most. It is where we experience our first heartbreak, meet new friends, encounter rivals, and make a name on our own. High school is the point where we decide if we can make or break it to college. It is the state where we start to build our own ambitions and dreams. Aside from our goal to learn and accumulate achievements there are also chances where we choose to stop and cross another path.

If we could only bring back our high school days then there is a chance for us to change all the bad memories we had in the past and experience again the ones we cherish.

Want to live high school your way?

Electronic Arts Inc. or EA a company that unite the world through play created a bright game that will relate to majority of users globally with the same high school experience. for android is a fun interactive story adventure of a high school student in Centerscore High.

For a start, players will be given a chance to play either the New Girl or the Football Star. Surviving High School presents different situations with several choices to choose from. But keep in mind that the choice you make dictates the outcome of your stay during the course of the game challenging you to pick wise answers.

sChOOL Features:

  • Keep track of the different characters through the various and fresh storyline.
  • Play mini-games such as word hunt and pick the correct answer.
  • Answer quizzes and reach the highest GPA possible.
  • Diverse situations to relate from like who to date, which party to go, cut classes or not, and many more.
  • Check out free episodes in Now Airing after accomplishing free chapters.
  • Purchase other episodes in Episodes on Demand to play other roles in Surviving High School.

Are you the chic new girl or the hunky football star? Choose your mode.

The new girl mode challenge players to make a name in the entire school as the new campus face and win the hearts of the cheerleading group. Apart from that, you have to charm your crush while trying to beat your aggressive match in the squad fair and square.

On the other hand, playing the role of a brawny football star is equally engaging with the character of the campus new girl. The challenge is to secure a spot on the football team, make friends with the school browbeater, and get a date for the coming school dance.

I Am Officially Enrolled

Just like anybody else, we experience a lot of troubles and struggles while we were still in high school yet it is the moment where we are trained to become stronger. The journey you have to go through with Surviving High School is really interesting. All the challenges, the intrigues, and the connection of the characters seem to be real. Here you will experience failure and success through continuous play. If you think you are not satisfied with the end result of the story you can repeat the game over and over again up until you achieve the satisfaction you desire.

I want to give this game an A+ grade for the creative story plot and remarkable characters. It shows the life of a typical high school student and very relating setting of a usual school. I want to reveal more of it and get in to details but good thing I am not a spoiler type, so it would be best if you will download the game now and see for yourself.


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Surviving High School: Play Story Here
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