Off you go, Thor: Son of Asgard!

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Help Thor fight the enemies to protect Asgard and find the real reason behind Sif’s sudden exodus.

Who says Mythology is boring? I have to admit that I’m captivated with Gods and Goddesses and the unique powers they possess. My curiosity stirs me with the thought of how they deal with their innate powers and how they use them.  Ironically, sometimes I feel that they really exist and that they are watching over us.

With today’s technological advancements, gadgets developed everyday, and apps that keeps us occupied, some people have already abolished mythology in their heads. Until, Thor the Norse God came out as a comic book character and a blockbuster movie. Just like that, mythology is modernized to meet both the mythology and comic book fans.

Thor, a movie starred by Chris Hemsworth was released by Marvel to keep up with the growing fans comic books-turned-movie fans. Marvel’s Thor became a huge hit and to keep the hype up, Marvel released another hit in the form of an iOS app, Thor: Son of Asgard.

Famed Thor allies like Sif and the Warriors Three join Thor as he faces fearsome enemies like Dark Elves, Trolls, Ulik and the Midgard Serpent.

Heroic action awaits as you channel the power of lightning to unleash devastating magical attacks against your enemies. Throw Mjolnir for long range strikes.

Navigate the diverse environments of Jotunheim, Alfeim, and Asgard to solve the mystery of the invasion and rescue Sif from her captors.

The lore of Thor comes to life with an original story and script written by Marvel writer Bryan J.L. Glass. Comic panels by Marvel artist Ron Lim and a compelling original soundtrack complete an engrossing Thor experience.

Get into the world of Thor:

Thor: Son of Asgard’s gameplay is based from the Thor comic book series. Thor needs to defeat the enemies of Odin like Dark Elves, Trolls, Ulik and the Midgard Serpent. All the enemies that cross Thor’s way must be vanquished in order to find Sif, Thor’s friend who disappeared and seemed to have joined the enemies. Thor must find out the truth in Sif’s sudden exodus and if Loki has anything to do with it.

Players will not be baffled even if they haven’t seen the movie or have no idea about the history of Thor. Thor: Son of Asgard will feed you all the details that you need to know: The characters, Odin, Asgard, Thor’s friends, Loki, and so on. The app is equipped with details that will help you apprehend Thor and the story better. Thor: Son of Asgard has nothing to do with the movie that stars Chris Hemsworth. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, no details will be spoiled in this app.

Thor: Son of Asgard starts with a brief introduction of Thor and Loki, his adopted brother who wants to get rid of Thor because of his insatiable jealousy as Thor will be the next to ascend in the throne to lead the kingdom of Asgard. As the story progresses and the levels get stiffer, everything slowly becomes clearer.

Thor’s Journey in the 3D world:

The gameplay of Thor: Son of Asgard is about defeating the enemies in a 3D world. However, don’t keep your hopes up if you are a hardcore gamer. This is nothing like the other 3D games you play. Thor is basically about hammering and defeating the enemies in order to move to the next level. Thor has its powerful Mjolnir to help him defeat the enemies. However, just like the other apps, Thor: Son of Asgard has its downside. The app is tedious when it comes to stunts. Ironically, there are no power-ups to unlock. As the enemies grew large, players cannot do anything with it. They will only feel the urge that they must master how Thor moves with the same stunts. Want another fall back? The game gets infuriating in parts where you can’t see if you have smashed your opponents with the Mjolnir. The only indicator that you did it is when you see them fall, which is when they die.

On a positive note, the game isn’t so bad especially if you have downloaded Thor: Son of Asgard for free. Yes, the app is free for a limited time so make sure that you get it now. Otherwise, you’ll pay $2.99. It’s a relatively small amount but come to think of it, it will still save you from other expenses.

Thor: Son of Asgard is rather entertaining specifically for its stunning visuals and cinematic voice quality in the scenes that are added in the app. The story flow of Thor that is implanted in the game makes it more interesting to players, especially to those who are just new to Thor.

My Final Say:

Thor: Son of Asgard is one of my must-have apps since I’m a huge follower of superheroes. I’m not dwelled much on comic books, but with Mythology mixed with superhero powers encrusted in a gaming app, I definitely am digging Thor: Son of Asgard. Though I find myself struggling to get pass the enemies, I still desire to finish Thor’s task. I have been playing it since I have downloaded it, and I’m still magnetized with the game.

For a casual gamer like me, the gameplay of Thor is a bit difficult; maybe it’s just me. I have nothing against hardcore games, it’s just not for me. Still, I aim for change and trying something new. Thor is one of those apps that I have tried out of curiosity, and eventually enjoyed it. However, Thor: Son of Asgard’s visuals tends to make me dizzy after playing for more than an hour. It feels like I’m playing NBA in my laptop. My head cannot compete with the graphics of such games. If you’re used to those games, then this is just a piece of cake. Surely, you’ll finish Thor: Son of Asgard in a day.

Want to take a peek in the world of Thor: Son of Asgard? Watch this video trailer:

If you are ready to fight the enemies for Odin, then “off you go” and download now.

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