Go Green with Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth!

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Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth is an educational app which aims to teach kids save the planet Earth!

After successfully launching one of the best kid apps on the app market right now, AppLabs Digital Studios released the second educational app of the Maddie and Matt series called !

Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth is an educational app which aims to teach kids ways on how to contribute to the planet Earth little by little through various easy steps. It is very rare that we see these types of educational kiddie apps being developed because people always opt for the more violent ones. And I think that is one of the reasons why kids are growing up unaware of what our planet is facing and suffering.

It is important that kids grow up with the knowledge on how to properly care for the environment because they will carry it with them as they grow old. While it is true that school is where kids learn most of the things that they need to know in life, it is still best if the sense of learning and awareness are instilled with them early on at home. Sure, school teaches the basic environmental rules such as “Keep off the grass” and “Plant trees”, but there are still some things that kids do not know about keeping the environment clean and sanitary. Through Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth, kids will be very mindful of the things that they should and shouldn’t do to help save our Mother Earth!

Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth is an educational app that helps teach kids ways on how to save the planet Earth. Like Maddie and Matt’s A to Z’s of Good Manners and Values, this app is primarily geared towards kids and kids-at-heart. Kids can learn the best from this very informative app because Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth is packed with boatloads of tips and information about our planet. The app has 20 scenarios starring two of the brightest kids in the virtual world, Maddie and Matt. Each of the scenes contains smart dialogues between Maddie and Matt, with appearances from key characters in the app. This app idea is truly one of the best ways to help kids engage themselves into proper environmental awareness in different settings. Whether your kids are at the park, at the zoo, the beach, in school and at home, they will certainly learn tips on how to go green and make a Happy Earth!

Happy Earth Features:

Choose a Screen!

Tap the Start button to see Maddie and Matt’s witty banter on how they can help save the planet Earth. Tap the characters to view their dialogues and learn from their clever little minds. All 20 scenarios take place in different settings that kids likely visit and play in. Look for the object that holds a corresponding trivia in each scene and be knowledgeable about some of the things that only Maddie and Matt can inform you. These trivia vary from tale-old origins of things like mirrors and broomsticks, to modern factlets about the first mobile device that was invented. There are also live objects in each scene that you can drag to wherever you please.

Earth Facts

Tap the Earth Facts button to discover 10 of the most interesting facts about Mother Earth. Earth Facts contains cosmic and numerical information about our planet Earth. This feature comes with a really fun and cool musical scoring that in each tap of the Earth facts, you’ll likely shout “Eureka!” in your mind. That’s really clever and awesome!

Create Your Own Happy Earth

Tap the Create Your Own Happy Earth button and start creating your version of a cool Earth. Choose from different sets of eyes and mouths on the right side, and drag it to the blank Earth on the left. You can make your own happy Earth grinning, LOL-ing, drooling, toothless, and even in love. Share your finished Happy Earth masterpieces on Facebook, Twitter, and through mail, and have the world see your own visions of a Happy Earth!

Spot the Difference

One of the best kiddie games that kids love to play is Spot the Difference! Tap the Spot the Difference button to start searching for the objects that are not on the other picture. There are 10 different objects that players must look for in the right picture. Tap the picture on the right to find its difference with the left picture. When you’re done looking for the 10 differences, you can share the results on Facebook, Twitter and through mail. Play Spot the Difference and prove to the world that you kiddies have the keenest and sharpest eyes!

Segregation Game

Tap the “Segregame” button to start playing the Segregation Game. This game is easy. All kids need to do is to drag the scattered trash in the screen to the proper trash bins where it should be dumped in. There are four trash bins in this game namely:  the Dry Papers bin, Residuals bin, Biodegradable bin, and Recyclables bin. There are over 20 wastes that are spread in the screen and players need to put them all in the corresponding trash bins. Not only is this game very easy for kids, it is also very informative because it helps kids know where they should put their trash. Kids can share the results of the Segregame via Facebook and Twitter.

Jango loves Maddie and Matt!

Going green is my resolution for this year. And I am beyond ecstatic to have found an app which aims to teach kids go green and be clean! It is true that rarely do we see this type of apps being developed because the world is tritely ardent about looking for entertaining apps which usually involve guns, zombies, morbidity and all other things that shouldn’t be made known to kids. It is all sorts of wrong that kids these days are even likely to play apps that involve such things, but that is something that parents should be responsible of.

I don’t have a kid yet, but when I do, this is one of the apps that I will show them and let them play because it’s safe and informative. Not only does this kid app helps your kids learn proper ways of saving the environment, but it also makes YOU a catalyst towards change. And there’s nothing in this world that is more fulfilling than being an instrument for change. Truth is, the state of our environment now is not in the kids’ hands to protect. But kids are surely the ones who will benefit from our wrongdoings that’s why it’s better if the grown-ups now are already teaching kids ways on how to save the environment while there is still time. Kids are known to adapt quickly. If we can instill them proper values now, while it’s still early, then there is a chance that the world will likely last for a century or two.

About the app, I though the app is just smart. The illustrations and graphics are smart; the colors are balanced. I think it works because kids love looking at things with the right comical approach. The music is truly great, and it fits the scenes well. The corresponding trivia to the objects in the 20 scenarios are refreshments for me because I admit that I only learned ALL of those things when I tried Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth. If a fading grown-up like me learned so much from this app, then what more to kids, right? This app is truly one of the best kid apps now, and if I have a kid, I will tell them that the best playmates that they can find out there are the ones that reflect Maddie and Matt’s values.

Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth is available on for FREE!

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