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Go Green with Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth!

After successfully launching one of the best kid apps on the app market right now, AppLabs Digital Studios released the second educational app of the Maddie and Matt series called !

Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth is an educational app which aims to teach kids ways on how to contribute to the planet Earth little by little through various easy steps. It is very rare that we see these types of educational kiddie apps being developed because people always opt for the more violent ones. And I think that is one of the reasons why kids are growing up unaware of what our planet is facing and suffering.

It is important that kids grow up with the knowledge on how to properly care for the environment because they will carry it with them as they grow old. While it is true that school is where kids learn most of the things that they need to know in life, it is still best if the sense of learning and awareness are instilled with them early on at home. Sure, school teaches the basic environmental rules such as “Keep off the grass” and “Plant trees”, but there are still some things that kids do not know about keeping the environment clean and sanitary. Through Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth, kids will be very mindful of the things that they should and shouldn’t do to help save our Mother Earth! Read more

It’s Raining Apps! Hurray!

With the ever-changing weather we have around the globe, it is really hard to predict if Mr. Sun will be greeting us in the morning or Mr. Windy and Ms. Rainy will be slapping us in the face. That is why, most of the time, we are advised to bring our handy-dandy-and-ever-faithful umbrellas to protect us from the crazy rain and skin-burning sunshine. It pays to be good and diligent girls and boys at times, right? But, isn’t it better if we are guided accordingly with the correct weather forecasts or be made aware of unwanted visitors that will pass our way, like Mr. Storm or Ms. Cloudy for instance? Worry no more! Your techy-girl scout is here to help you.

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