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Android App Review: Celebrities Quiz

People who consider themselves as overzealous followers of Hollywood stars and other notable celebrities know their idols’ faces and looks to the core. When you are enthusiastically supporting a certain celebrity’s skyrocketing A-list status, it’s so easy to identify his or her porcelain face (or sometimes, excessively tanned face) as if you know that face better than you know yours. This is why the pressure on how celebrities should portray themselves in public is higher than the Empire State.

When the camera is trying to capture every inch of your alabaster skin and every pore on your face, of course, there’s nothing left to do but to look pretty and scrawny. Otherwise, they will find their plump faces headlining the latest rag mags and tabloids along Beverly Hills. That reality sucks, and that bitter truth might pass as one of the reasons why celebrities opt for a mechanically engineered-beauty than a natural one.

Thank God for the likes of Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet who would rather perfect their acting prowess than join the high roller trophy wives of Rodeo Drive. Needless to say, one of the factors why a celebrity loves going under the knife is the fact that the public and the “perfectionist” fans have already decided how they are going to perceive their idols. And people are questioning why some celebrities say their “life is unfair…”

All this blabbering is in line with this app that I found sitting pretty on my Android device, which eventually served nice for a good Android app review. See what I did there?

Yeah, HappyFaceDevs developed an app called which makes users guess the pretty Celebrity posing behind the warped and distorted face displayed on the screen. Guessing is pretty easy if you are the kind of fan that I’m talking about earlier. If you are hyper aware of George Clooney’s “I’m a hot bachelor” gray hair, or how far wide Julia Robert’s sexy mouth can go, then answering the guessing game is no difficulty for you. Read more

Help the Tiny Aliens Escape!

Having been a huge fan of Hollywood director Steven Spielberg, I kind of adopted his fascination towards aliens as seen in most of his classic movies such as E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Those movies feature harmless aliens that eventually morph into a cool, intergalactic buddy than a spatial, antagonistic abductor. Spielberg action flicks such as War of the Worlds and Indiana Jones 4 are an entirely different matter because the aliens there are horrific and CGI-crazy!

I’m used to seeing aliens in movies as the ultimate nemesis but recently, I came across an app where the aliens look miserable and helpless, and I couldn’t help but be curious and try the app. is a little puzzle game for Android which will make you think very, very hard of ways on how to save the tiny aliens from captivity and misery.

And because the tiny aliens in this app don’t look anything like the villains ready to bring chaos into the world, you’ll find yourself becoming more engaged with its mind-boggling gameplay. Ready for some puzzling alien action? Try out Tiny Aliens Escape and see if you can help them “phone hooooome.” Read more

Go Green with Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth!

After successfully launching one of the best kid apps on the app market right now, AppLabs Digital Studios released the second educational app of the Maddie and Matt series called !

Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth is an educational app which aims to teach kids ways on how to contribute to the planet Earth little by little through various easy steps. It is very rare that we see these types of educational kiddie apps being developed because people always opt for the more violent ones. And I think that is one of the reasons why kids are growing up unaware of what our planet is facing and suffering.

It is important that kids grow up with the knowledge on how to properly care for the environment because they will carry it with them as they grow old. While it is true that school is where kids learn most of the things that they need to know in life, it is still best if the sense of learning and awareness are instilled with them early on at home. Sure, school teaches the basic environmental rules such as “Keep off the grass” and “Plant trees”, but there are still some things that kids do not know about keeping the environment clean and sanitary. Through Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth, kids will be very mindful of the things that they should and shouldn’t do to help save our Mother Earth! Read more

App Review: Nosferatu – Run from the Sun

Nosferatu is an etymological term for “Dracula” or “vampire” tracing back to its Greek origins. In 1922, an expressionistic silent film of the same name was made starring the legendary German actor Max Schreck as the nosferatu, Graf Orlok. In English, Schreck’s Graf Orlok is the alter ego of Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula. Max Schreck’s Nosferatu was so hauntingly terrifying, what with his rat-like ears and Uncle Fester-ish glare, that it earned a spot among Empire Magazine’s The 100 Best Films of World Cinema.

Despite the menacing connotation that the word “Nosferatu” implies, Smuttlewerk Interactive still released an app called Nosferatu – Run from the Sun. The best thing about the app is the image of Nosferatu himself because instead of having to look repulsive, the developers morphed him into a cuter, elf-looking runner of a vampire. So, even if Nosferatu has nothing on Edward Cullen or Lestat in the looks department, he’s still a phantasm that is rather hypnotizing, and hard to resist.   Read more

Browse Fast with Google Chrome

Conducting research became stress-free in our generation as we are rewarded with internet. Then again, we live in a world where people still look for outright ways to make life simpler.

Google, our favorite website in uncovering solutions, launched Google Chrome and turned into one of the top utilized computer browsers to date. Now, they’ve created another revolutionary browser, and this time for Android and iOS devices. With the new Google Chrome App, we can gather results with just one touch of a button, anytime, anywhere.

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Tunee In!

There are a lot of times when we want a song so badly, but because of the often-crappy internet connections, we become too lazy to download the album. Other times, we are really just too frugal to even buy the whole album in record bars even though we’re still avid supporters of collecting old cassette tapes, CDs and vinyl (though less for the music and more for its decorative purposes).

This is such a shallow dilemma in my life, and this is why I’m beyond stoked to have found this new and free app called . It lets me spoil my head-banging inclination to music and all things free. Say what you may, but when it comes to everything free and functional, I’m totally signing in.

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Foods are the most vital things that we need in our lives—we all know that. So much so that sometimes, when we gather with friends and hang out at various fancy restaurants and coffee shops, an ample space of our phones and digital camera’s memory cards are filled with photos of our foods and drinks in every angle and size, no matter how silly and over-the-top it is. It’s so easy to forget how much we are famished when the foods are being served because we’d rather snap pictures of the shabby plating design and post it on Facebook than touch what we paid hundreds of bucks for. That’s kind of ridiculous but mostly true. Heck, even I am guilty of it.

Now, taking pictures of your decorative meal and sharing it online is so much easier, sort of. Evernote Food app allows you to snap Read more