Fun Ways to Communicate with Skype, Viber, and Kakaotalk

Having constant communication with our loved ones is the best way to show that we care for them. A single text in the morning or a call before you go to sleep will make a huge difference. It can brighten up someone’s mood in just a split second. I admit that I’m like that. If I’m having a bad day and a friend suddenly calls to ask how my day was makes me happy. Even if though were miles apart, I can feel that there is someone who cares about me.

I have family members and friends who reside in different places in the world. I remember back in the days when I get that blissful feeling upon receiving Christmas and Birthday cards from my Uncle all the way from US. When technology altered the way we connect, we were able to get cheaper overseas calls. But somehow, we still ask for more. Email rescued us and Yahoo Messenger became a fad. I was one of those who became obsessed with video calls. It makes me feel closer to them because I can see them in real time, plus the comfort of not typing what I need to say.

Now that we are in the app generation, things improved in more ways imaginable. You can now talk for free and with better reception. Here are my top three apps that help me connect anywhere in the world for free.

After the Yahoo Messenger fad dwindled, became the next generation’s messenger and video call software. Skype allows its users to chat and have video calls for free. Skype became famous for its clear reception which is why Yahoo Messenger users converted to Skype.

Now that we are in the app generation, Skype stepped up to meet the growing demand of its users and the never ending innovation. Skype can be downloaded in different platforms so you can still experience it whatever mobile device you own.

How to get Skype?

The is basically like the Skype program you have on your computers. You download it in your mobile device, and register with your username and password and you’re good to go. If you already have an active account, just sign-in using the same username and password.

My view of Skype app:

Skype never fails to impress me. They persistently improve their services as the mobile devices continue to develop. I downloaded Skype as soon as I got my iPod Touch, and they constantly update their app for their users. The way we communicate is made a lot easier with the help of the Skype app. I will no longer need to open my computer just to have a video call or voice calls with my loved ones.

Texting my relatives abroad cost a lot of fortune. I remember regretting a text message I’ve sent to my Aunt in Singapore. I told myself, I should’ve sent her an email instead especially if it’s not urgent. Viber is the app that allows you to send text messages and call anywhere in the world for free. You will no longer need to spend a huge sum of money to communicate. You can send unlimited number of texts and calls with just one useful app.

Why choose Viber?

There are a lot of apps available that have the same function. I chose Viber because of its distinctive features. Viber is available in different platforms and is used by millions of users.


  • Viber is 100% free. You will no longer experience bill shock just by having an overseas text or call. All you need is a mobile device, Viber, and a 3G or Wifi connection and you’re good to go.
  • Simplicity- Viber is easy to use. Just by downloading the Viber app, you can instantaneously start making free calls, send text messages, pictures and locations. No need to activate, create a username, think of a password, or send out invitations (unless needed).
  • Just like a regular phone, Viber allows you to connect to your contacts that has the Viber app. All you need is their real numbers which is already registered to your smartphones.
  • Viber uses the best sound quality that is better than GSM or regular phone call.
  • It’s an Ad free, free app!
  • Unlike other apps, Viber doesn’t consume your battery even if it’s on the entire time.
  • Viber continues to work hard to bring more features and be the best among the other apps.

My view of Viber:

Viber was introduced to me by my friend from Hawaii. I have started using Viber a couple of months ago. Since then, I have no complains when I use it. Viber doesn’t let your battery drain even if you stay online. In using the Viber app, my iPod Touch instantly transformed into a mobile phone. I also commend Viber for its unique features like allowing you to change your background image. Plus, you can send unlimited pictures for free. Who wouldn’t love that, right?

is another app that falls on the same category as Viber. Kakaotalk allows you to call and send text messages all over the world for free. What’s the difference? Kakaotalk offers a lot of cool features to those who are looking for a fun way to connect.

-UNLIMITED GROUP CHAT: Chat with unlimited number of friends. Organizing a group activity made fun and easy!

-FREE VOICE CHATTING: Call friends for free, with minimum amount of 3G data at the highest quality. Walkie Talkie feature is also available.

-ANIMATED EMOTICONS: Chatting with your friend is more fun with thousands of animated emoticons (regularly updated)

-CROSS-PLATFORM: Supports iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Bada and Windows OS.

-KAKAOTALK ID: Text and call even without phone numbers! All you need is a KakaoTalk ID!

-PLUS FRIEND: Receive special contents from your favorite brands or celebrities via KakaoTalk. (not available in certain countries)

-EASY TO FIND FRIENDS: No need to manually invite friends, contacts are automatically added to your KakaoTalk.

-SUPPORTS 12 LANGUAGES: KakaoTalk is Available in Korean, English, Japanese, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Thai, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Portuguese.

-NO ANNOYING ADs and Banners at all !

Why choose Kakaotalk?

performs like Viber: it offers free calls and text and change the background. What makes Kakaotalk different from Viber is the number of emoticons you can use. They offer a wide range of emoticons that you can choose from, from plain pictures to adorable moving pictures. Kakaotalk also allows its users to have a group chat with unlimited number of users, so no one will be left behind. You can also secure your conversations as Kakaotalk allows its users to apply password in their app. Now no one can see what you have been up to in Kakaotalk if someone tries to invade your privacy. What I like most in Kakaotalk is that you can have free voice calls while chatting with your friends; something that other apps don’t have. Plus, they provide voice filters so you can play around while having voice calls with your friends.

My chosen means of communication:

When it comes to professionalism and formality, I always rely on Skype as it is one of the most common communications software used in the corporate world. When it comes to voice calls and text messages, I would pick out Kakaotalk over Viber. Kakaotalk offers a lot of fun ways to communicate. The emoticons alone make a difference; wait until you try the voice filters. Surely Kakaotalk will let you experience more fun communicating with your friends.

, , and are all available for free.

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Fun Ways to Communicate with Skype, Viber, and Kakaotalk
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