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On January 10, 2013
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Are you ready for an all-out twisted performance? Help him catch bugs and gain supporters. Play Mister Frog (Free) for Android today!

People often see animals such as lions, tigers, bears, and elephants performing live on different circuses. Because of that, our curiosity sparks that we even anticipate the next arrival of the carny. The joy these animals give us is truly a knack and worth watching. These skeptical creatures are the most awaited act among all the performances since none of us can’t tell of the surprise they are about to show.

In reality, we are scared of these beastly creatures because they might eat and swallow us alive. But because of the lenient individuals who are willing to train the animals despite the risk it may cause them, it is possible to watch a circus show full of performing wild animals. Despite our terror, the creatures that we fear the most are the ones who amuse us. We should thank the patient trainers because of them the feral are somehow harmless and entertaining. We are indeed lucky!

You might be thinking that the app I am going to review today is all about animals performing in a circus. Well, the hero of the game application that I recently played is a man with unique ability. This special ability directs him to join the circus and perform in front of so many spectating people.

Our hero is man with very long tongue giving him the title of Mister Frog. His aptitude is too odd for a normal person that is why he found life in the colorful carnival. Working as a frog man is not easy because he have to please a lot of people by showing tricks and extraordinary act. Through your magical hands, you can help him fulfill the coveted reverie of Mister Frog. This free game application by Coconut Island Studio will give you the freedom to do so.

Are you ready for an all-out twisted performance? Help him catch bugs and gain supporters. Play for Android today!

The Elongated Act

Mister Frog is a casual finger swiping game that will rest you from your seats permanently. To help him achieve his one and only dream, drag his elastic tongue to catch bugs of all kinds. You may use the flexibility of his tongue to create awesome performances while exploring the combos it may produce.

Combo bonus score can be attain by hitting three (3) bugs in one swipe. If in case you hit more than (3) bugs of same color, that will earn you greater chance and bigger bonuses. There are power-up items that will let you accumulate higher scores apart from the endless bug catching.

The game has two separate modes to choose from:

Arcade- this is the time-based mode where players are given a specific time-one (1) minute- to catch bugs. This tests your speed to catch bugs and challenges you to reach the highest score possible. And to make the experience more interesting, there are freeze bugs, time bonuses, and double the score that will help you finish the game with a better and higher score.

Survival- this is the free-time mode where you can play the game for a length of time-as long as you catch bugs consistently. Here, players are challenged to catch all the bugs that will appear on the screen. This is a game of concentration and determination because you can’t afford to lose one bug. Losing at least one bug will cause your life and might end the game that quick. To test you even more, there are appearing bombs from time to time that will distract your game attention. Once you touch the bomb that will automatically ends the game, so better luck next time.

Game Features:

  • Simple yet pleasing visuals.
  • Ear catching and festive sound style.
  • More than forty (40) objectives to accomplish.
  • Bombs/Clock changing behavior.
  • Loads of available power-ups and tongue extensions that can be purchased.
  • Mister Frog’s customizable fashion clothes.
  • Online interaction via Facebook, Twitter, and Game Center.


- You can play the game over and over again if you are not satisfied with your final score and if you seriously think that no one can beat you but your own self.

-  Tongue extensions are VERY important especially when Mister Frog gets old. This will help him accomplish more complicated challenges.

The Final Show

Fruit Ninja by Halfbrick Studios gained warm acceptance form different users around the world after its official release. A lot of people downloaded the highly addictive application and played the game for a very long time. I must say that I am just of the thousands of gamer who gave the game a shot.

I am saying this simply because Mister Frog is an app that is worth downloading as well. What makes Mister Frog different from Fruit Ninja? The enormous bug eating, his circus life, the objectives that you have to go through, and the concept are some of the distinct reasons why it is different. Mister Frog is very engaging that it successfully urged me to play even more.

Coconut Island Studio has promising game applications like One Tap Hero-the one I reviewed earlier. However, in this game, I was enticed with the tongue extensions and choice of clothes of mister frog. Mixing and Matching of clothes is one of my favourite past time and so I spend too much time selecting the best style for mister frog. I would like to give the developer two thumbs up on this one.

Another factor that caught me off guard is the life mister frog is dealing with and how he found home behind the curtains of the circus. I am an emotional type of person, so I was a bit touched when I read the back story of the app. I took the title literally making me believe that the character is actually an animal. I never thought that mister frog is a person and a man so the twisted title itself is undeniably effective.

Seeing mister frog getting old is also a fun idea aside from the game play  From there you will realize the use and importance of artistic and sparkling tongue extensions making you crave for additional coins. The bomb/clock on the other hand is motivating add-on because you never know when to drag or not. Its dual purpose is very unique-another round of applause to the developer. This will determine how well you can manage to play the game flawlessly.

All in all, this is a must play game. I think we should also give Mister Frog a try the way we embrace the fruit slicing game. Expense is not an issue here, your pocket won’t scream at you because the app is downloadable for free. Visit the market, search for Mister Frog, and click install if you are holding your android devices now. Don’t let yourself get left behind. The curtain is still open, share the same fantastic experience with me through Mister Frog.

Watch Theatrical Trailer Here:

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