Jellyflop!: A Throwback To The 80′s

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On November 19, 2012
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Make the jellyfish flop and fly with Jellyflop!

If you’ve played the classics Alleyway, Arkanoid, Brick Breaker, or any brick-breaker games, then you should know what to expect from this newly released app that I’ll present in this app review.

Just to give you a brief introduction of the classics, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems’s 1989 Game Boy-based Breakout clone, Alleyway is a game where you rebound a ball to a paddle into rows of breakable bricks. The objective is to clear the game area of bricks while keeping the ball from falling into the pit at the bottom.

Now, allow me to take you to a nostalgic experience as I review this Android app that’s sort of a throwback to the 80′s popular games, but this time this one made it even more appealing with its remarkable twists and humorous approach. I bet you’re ready.

Can a jellyfish fly? Well, find out after the break.

This app may be yet another incarnation of the many games which defies gravity, but it somehow manages to stand out and entertain anyone who’s up for some fun yet brainy challenge.

by Concrete Software, Inc. is a brand new, action-packed Physics-based app that enthrusts you to help the ambitious jellyfish fulfill his dream of flying like birds and getting him airborne.

Flopping Features

· 5 zones and 100 levels of high-flying fun!
· Fun and addictive physics system!
· Draw lines anywhere to solve puzzles!
· Earn achievements and unlock stylish hats!
· Meet quirky characters along the way!

Jelly Believes It Can Fly!

Make Jelly, the jellyfish accomplish his dream of soaring like a bird amongst the clouds by flopping and/or bouncing him through levels to help him create his flying contraption.

This jellyfish must’ve been tired of swimming that currently he’s jelly (jealous/envious) of the birds flying high in the sky. In this game, you are obliged to help Jelly collect feathers so it can fly. Yes, this jellyfish is extremely desperate to fly, but it can only bounce around for now while it  collects enough feathers.

You have to carefully maneuver Jelly towards the feather by drawing lines. You are actually provided with a certain amount of jelly and your job is to draw lines utilizing it. You can angle and place them however you want and expand those pink springy band as short or long as you need.  It calls for quite a bit of strategy as your jellyfish bounces off of them. As you direct its course, you must hopefully, collect all the raindrops as well as the feather. Indeed, a breath of fresh air but mind you, just like any other games, you must be vigilant because if you draw too many lines, you could run out of jelly.

As in any puzzle game,  you must complete a certain stage to advance to the next world. This game has a few worlds, but is integrated with lots of levels for each. You must be able to collect at least one water droplet on each level to unlock the succeeding stages. Water droplets also serve as money that can be used for purchasing items for your jellyfish.

Besides that, the levels get creative and progressively harder as you deal with obstacles in the game like  fans that could blow your jellyfish in the wrong direction, teleportals, spikes and among other perils. As you earn enough water drops you can unlock  power-ups and Jelly’s various hats with added moving abilities which can definitely help you throughout the game, such as the one with the propeller on top that apparently propels you upward.

It also has sharing options for Facebook, Twitter and a leaderboard hosted by its game developer.

A Flop or Not?

Although the gameplay of the app is extremely simple– you trying to figure out how to ping pong Jelly around to his goal, the controls went smoothly without any fuss or hitches.  The high quality graphics as well are something to lay your eyes on, that even the quirky characters stands out because of its vibrant colors. This game is ad-supported however you may opt to remove them.  This app is totes an addictive action physics puzzler game that successfully exceeds beyond the expectations of gamers.  Plus, it’s FREE so you have nothing to lose.

Don’t Rain On Its Parade

 is a welcome change to the usual Physics-based puzzle and other classic 80′s games. I find it fun and at the same time challenging, so I think this one has some potentials. Ergo, if devs could make additional series for it then it’s something to be giddy about. Overall, it’s a great casual time waster game that will definitely get you hooked as you try to snag all goals in all rounds.

So, can a jellyfish fly? Well, sort of! Download the app on the .

Check out its quick trailer video below:

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Jellyflop!: A Throwback To The 80′s
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