Top 5 Delicious Recipe Apps for Android

As the saying goes, “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” But getting into cooking often takes a lot of inspiration, motivation and passion. Plus, only a few of us had been showered with world class cooking skills. Let’s admit the fact that we love to eat! Whether it be healthy or not, food brings the best or the worst in us. Don’t you agree?

Munching on your favorite food is the most fulfilling thing to do, right? Fortunately, living in this tech-savvy and app-obsessed world, cooking like a top chef will be much easier not with the help of the Top 5 Delicious Recipe Apps that I’ve found perfect for your Android devices. If you want to impress your special someone and you’re just not really good at cooking, then let me be your “Little Miss Sous Chef” and this app review will help you solve your cooking dilemmas.

5.  (Free)

If you want to fit into those 24-inch jeans and bodycon dress then Healthy Recipes App by Spark Recipes might just be your best bud! This non-fattening recipe finder provides you with 200,000 healthy recipes perfect for anyone on a diet. It allows you to search and browse recipes on any category of your choice and know the recipe of that particular dish easily. You can also specify a calories-per-serving limit to your keyword searches. This is a very useful tool if you’re in a strict calorie-controlled diet, right? As you tap on that dish, three tabs will be shown: Ingredients, Directions and Nutrition.


  • View the nutritional information under each recipe which allows you to monitor your calorie intake before digging into that appetizing meal
  • Add the dish to your favorites
  • Share it to your friends and family via Email
  • View the recipe online via Spark People website
For free, this app might provide you with a limited collection of recipes rather than just browsing through their website.
If you love to cook healthy dishes and you are a calorie foodie then Healthy Recipes by Spark Recipes is great for you! Work with its limitations and for sure this app will turn your food temptations into a healthy lifestyle.
Want to be fit and healthy? Download Healthy Recipes now.

4.  ($4.99)

Craving for that well-done grilled barbecue? Now, grilling could be done anytime of the day with this handy grill buddy called Weber’s on the Grill. This app is a perfect partner for tips, tricks and techniques for the best barbecue.


  • Search and browse over 280 classic Weber recipes from appetizers to desserts, including rubs, marinades and sauces
  • Store ingredients for your favorite recipe dish in an organized grocery list.
  • Share your recipes and grocery lists to your family and friends via Email
  • Access to over 100 tips for that expert grilling and take your skills a notch higher
  • Watch instructional grilling videos by Celebrity Chef and Cookbook Author, Jamie Purviance
  • Tag your favorite techniques and recipes for easy reference
  • Time your recipes with grill timer right in this app
Although this app has a simple and user-friendly interface, $4.99 might be a bit pricey for you.
There are days when we have to forget about eating healthy and just crave for that barbecue with perfect grill marks on it. This app just has a little bit of everything from poultry to meat, to vegetable to desserts, definitely your grilling experience will be worthwhile. Having an appetizing design and user-friendly interface, Weber’s on the Grill is the best companion which will get you fired up as you grill your favorite dishes!
Take your meat off the grill and Weber’s on the Grill now.

3.  (Free)

From the name itself, take 250,000 recipes, including your own and a handy grocery list anywhere with an app called 250, 000 Recipes and Grocery List by Big Oven. This app makes your cooking organized whether you’re in the kitchen or you’re on the go.


  • View recipes easily anywhere
  • Search recipes by keyword, course, ingredient and username
  • Browse popular recipe collections
  • Get smart tips on how to turn your leftovers to a magical new dish by entering the ingredients you find in your pantry or fridge
  • Scale recipes, read reviews and convert measurements easily
  • Share recipes to your family and friends via Email, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest


Visit and register online via Big Oven website and enjoy a lot more convenience with this handy app. Plus, whether you’re offline or not, you can still access your grocery list anytime and anywhere you go. Although access to the other 250,000 recipes will require you to an internet connection.

Be the most organized and expert chef and 250,000 + Recipes and Grocery List now.

2.  (Free)

Wondering what did mom cook for dinner? Craving for mom’s baked devil’s food cake? Know the secret behind your mom’s mouth watering dishes and desserts as the world-famous Betty Crocker Cookbook has been on their back for decades already.


  • Search through Betty’s wide array of recipes and know how she makes it
  • Type what available ingredient you have, what food you’re making and Betty will give you ideas on what to cook
  • Step-by-step directions, appetizing photos and nutritional information under each recipe
  • Share the recipe to your family and friends via Email
  • Access your favorite recipes easily under the Favorites tab
  • Receive coupons from General Mills products

I’m an avid fan of Betty Crocker’s easy cake mix that you can find at the grocery. I love the Super Moist Devil’s Food cake mix which makes baking a fun and delicious experience for my family. So getting Betty’s most famous recipe in this free app is a very smart idea! One of the best feature of this app is that you don’t need a 3G connection to access Betty’s all time favorite recipes. Turning into an expert just like Betty could never be this simple, easy and handy, right?

Do you love Betty Crocker’s Cookbook as well? her Android app now.

1.  ($7.69)

Looking for that easy to cook Mac and Cheese? Or are you a sweet tooth craving for that Appleberry Pie? Cooking could be fun, easy and quick not without Chef Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meals! Known as England’s The Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver is also an advocate for improving unhealthy diets and making healthy school lunches for children.


  • 60 quick and easy recipes
  • 21 tutorial videos showcasing tips, tricks and kitchen skills
  • Appetizing food photography for step-by-step instructions
  • Handy shopping list which sorts ingredients by aisle


This app might be a bit steep for you since there are only limited features such as 60 recipes and 21 tutorial videos.


If you’re an avid fan of Chef Jamie’s quick cooking style and if you’re type they of person who learns visually, then this app is perfect for you! Now, cooking for 20 minutes and feeling like the expert, Chef Jamie could happen with this app called Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals!

Hangout with Chef Jamie on your kitchen, cook for 20 minutes or less and Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals now.

To learn more about this app, watch the video below.

Kirsten Says

My family loves to cook yet I’m the only person who’s not into cooking. Eating is my thing rather than cooking. But if I would give a gift or a surprise to my special someone, cooking for him will be the best thing to do. When that time comes, I would never have to exert much effort because today, there are a lot of recipe apps available for our Smartphones.

Who says cooking is only for Iron Chefs and Junior Master Chefs? I say, not without my Top 5 Delicious Recipe Apps for Android devices!


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Top 5 Delicious Recipe Apps for Android
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