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WorldCard Mobile may set you back a few dollars, but its bevy of features proves that it offers decent value for the price.

Just to make our lives a whole lot easier, today’s technologies have rendered a lot of analog devices obsolete. Take for instance the encyclopedia, which has been successfully replaced by the likes of Wikipedia. There’s Skype that makes contacting your loved ones from across the world much, much easier. And then there’s cloud storage, which makes a cool addition to our existing group of storage solutions today.

Add to that a new innovative application that helps you store your contacts’ information with little effort. The makers of Worldictionary has created WorldCard Mobile and designed it to become an important tool primarily for sales and marketing agents. Of course anyone who still uses a rolodex–may he be a freelance professional or a personal assistant–can just as easily find themselves downloading WorldCard Mobile on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

For the curious, wonder no more.

Click the link to find out why the thoughfully-designed application is a great tool for any person worth his salt.

Capturing Contacts Made Easy

Optical character recognition, more commonly known as OCR, has been around for decades, and it’s always continually evolving. WorldCard takes advantage of the technology so you can just snap a picture of someone’s business card, edit/add details, and permanently have the information with you.

Let me show you how to use the main feature of WorldCard Mobile. First, hit the camera button on the main menu to start “digitizing” your business contacts. A screen will then pop up and tell you a few guidelines.

Note: Font will vary depending on your iOS device.


The app can be tricky to use at first, but things do get better really quickly. Helpful instructions and tips are available to guide you.



Once you have captured a nice picture of the business card, you get the option to edit the details before saving the conact to your virtual “card holder”.

 Once done editing, just hit the Done button and snap a photo of the next card.

The app fails to scan the contact information accurately from time to time, like the one shown above. So you will still need to make sure you capture a great picture of the business card, and that the business card does not have fancy fonts on it, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time editing each contact info.

On the plus side, the app can recognize other languages apart from English, like French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. The Settings section also allows you to:

  • use the Eastern or the Western name order
  • sort contacts by name or company
  • group your contacts into different groups
  • synchronize with Google
  • store information to your iCloud or Dropbox account
  • find duplicate contacts, and more!

WorldCard Mobile can also copy and select email signature information, and it tells you how to do it!

Applatter’s Verdict

Overall, despite inaccuracies in some of the business cards taken, the WorldCard Mobile works and is a decent business card scanner on iTunes. The business app packs a lot of features and actually does its main job fairly well. Hopefully, the OCR technology will be updated soon to make things better for all users.

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WorldCard Mobile: Scans Business Cards and Stores Them All
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