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On September 11, 2012
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Through the app Ovenbreak (Free) by Com2uS the leading mobile games providers in Korea, user all over the world can now play the running gingerbread man game.

Back when I was a child, the story of the gingerbread man was recited to us by our parents and teachers over and over again. The gingerbread man is one of the many children stories that we get accustomed with and the one that constitute curiosity to our innocent minds. As far as I remember, there was an old woman who happened to bake gingerbreads. One of the gingerbreads was shaped in to a little man designed with currants on top of it. When she was done baking, the little gingerbread man suddenly jump out of the tin and started running out of the open window as fast as he could so no one could catch him.

During that time, I was wondering if gingerbreads can actually speak or run. The running gingerbread man lingers to my childhood memory for a very long time. Because of that, I was afraid to eat gingerbreads for I believe that they have life and capable of moving. If I dare eating one of them they might run away from me and I’ll go chase after them.

I know that was so silly of me to think that way before but now that I have learned the original form of gingerbreads, all my doubts and fears vanished. Every time I see animated gingerbread man on television I just giggle and smile. I was once a victim of a story used to fascinate a child, which is out of my mind already. I can think of more rational ideas now that I am matured, gingerbreads are ginger flavoured type of sweet foods that are 100% edible.

The modern day generation have the latest version of own gingerbread man. I can’t help but express a happy expression whenever my cousins watch Shrek because one of the characters was derived from the well-known fairy tale “The Gingerbread Man”. All of my cousins were amazed of that talking bread, especially the huge one who crashes the gates in one of the Shrek movies.

At present, we can not only read or watch the gingerbread man. Through the app by Com2uS the leading mobile games providers in Korea, user all over the world can now play the running gingerbread man game.

The Ceaseless Breakout

“Holy toast, I’m gonna get eaten! Need to run away!!” –The Gingerbread Man

The gingerbread man woke up inside the witch‘s magical oven one day, our mission is to help the crusty hero as he run and slide his way out of the death-defying stove.  This grand escape game is out to challenge you to run for gingerbread’s life. Don’t let him demise on a platter next to glass full of milk.

Run as fast as you could but remember to run safely. Avoid obstacles, jump over gaps, slide under yummy treats, and hook your candy cane to helpful items.

Key Features:

  •  Jelly Beans- seize them to score points.
  • Alphabet Jelly- players must collect and spell the word “Freedom” to replenish life.
  •  Gummy- grab them for higher points.
  •  Jump- located at the bottom left of the screen used to leap over obstacles and prevent from losing one life.
  • Sliding- located at the bottom right of the screen used to slip under hanging objects.
  • Candy Cane Swing- tap jump and then slide swiftly one after the other to swing from stuffs on the ceiling.
  • Collection- find all 54 hidden collections as users play the game.
  • Gummy Purchase- for players who want to quickly progress the game, gummys are available for purchase.

For power-ups, tap Jump and Slide to swing once or tap Jump, Slide, and Slide for multiple swings.

    Score Rules:


Alphabet Jelly

Collect all Bonus

Green Bean- 30 points O or R- 1000 points Word Freedom- 2000 points x bonus count
Yellow Bean- 100 points Others- 500 points
Gummy- 2000 points

Game Levels:

Play the different levels of the game from easy to hard.  Choose from Prologue, Training, Challenge, Universe, Eternal, and Christmas. Try to unlock them the fastest and safest way ever. But wait there’s more! Watch out for other levels coming soon.

The Gingy Escape of Rohan

Freedom is what I say! Stop crying gingerbread man because your way to liberty is right in front of you. Ovenbreak is absolutely fun and worthy to play with! This is one of the best running games that I played. I would like to commend the graphics and sounds used in the game for they captured my entire attention though too much color of the graphics made my eyes rotate 360 degrees and my visions got blurry. However, that cute pint-sized gingerbread man is adorable though he’s cover-up changes once you see him run for his life.

Way back when I was a child, I can only draw gingerbread man inside my weird and wild imagination. The story of gingerbread man and gingerbread house was once a favourite topic of my peers. Me and my friends dreamt of putting up our own house full of gingerbreads with different variations. Even though my parents and teachers thought me that story, they were also able to clarify the truth about gingerbreads. That sweet ginger flavoured food became our much-loved snack while playing- well thanks to the story.

But now, through the app Ovenbreak I can actually play and see him run repeatedly. This game brought back all the memories I had for gingerbread man but in a different story mode. It automatically grabs my whole concentration which is best for people who want to kill time while getting entertained. On the other hand, it would be nice if they integrated a back story on the app showing the terrible witch, the magical oven, and how the protagonist was turned in to a running gingerbread man.  Nonetheless, I like the total concept, the game controls, and all the challenges. I was over concerned with gingerbread that I am too eager to finish all the game levels.  If you haven’t tried the game yet, I suggest you to search for Ovenbreak and experience the thrill of one time oven escape.

Reminder: Don’t let gingerbread fell or else he’ll get burned!

Watch Video Trailer Here:

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Ovenbreak: Run for Freedom
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