Kabaam: Turn Your Photos into a Comic Book!

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On August 10, 2012
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Creating personalized comics using images is just a few taps away!

Ever wondered what real life would look like as a comic?

Well, how about turning your photos into a comic book with just a few swipes of your fingers?

No need to possess the power of a pen or a pencil, Kabaam is here to the rescue!

Gamua OG unveiled Kabaam, a revolutionary comic app that can transform your photos into a comic strip in just a heartbeat. The app’s worth less than a gram of kryptonite and is valuable enough considering the fact that you can create your own world of Marvel heroes and other great superheroes.

Fantastic Features

- Shoot photos with camera or import them from your photo gallery or from Facebook.

- Create stories up to nine photos long and add all kinds of different comic elements to your photos: Titles, several different types of speech bubbles and overlays such as Wrooooooms!!! Snap! Sizzle! Boink! Twack! Splat! Phoo! and Swish!

- Manipulate the orientation of each comic element, its position, rotation and size.

- Share your masterpiece on Kabaam’s showroom (Kabaam.cc) and major social platforms which includes Google+, Facebook and Flickr.


Of course like any other superheroes, this app has some weaknesses and flaws. Since the photos automatically load into slightly rectangular boxes, users are restricted to change the orientation, shape or size of the comic boxes. The comic also will only look like a one long strip or stacked grid depending on how many images are added to each comic.

The Denouement

This fairly full-featured, zany app provides you enough means to squeeze your creative juices and thrill others with your fantastic tales. Other than that, it has the power to let your imagination take shape. Hence, give this app a try and you’ll surely never miss any action in your life.

Weave your photos into a story and make real life far more interesting with Kabaam!

Beam it to your phone now! Download the app on .

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Kabaam: Turn Your Photos into a Comic Book!
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