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Review of: Gangnam Style Run
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Mini Flowers

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On January 18, 2013
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Run endlessly and avoid obstacles as you groove to the beat of PSY's Gangam Style.

2012 wouldn’t be as memorable as it was not without the massive dance craze that people of all ages have grooved with. I’m pretty sure that you know what I’m talking about. Who wouldn’t believe that this guy wearing a well-made tuxedo, bow tie and shades with his brushed-up hair style will instantly tickle our funny bones and make us do the horse dance in an absolutely creative way? And if up to know, you still can’t teach your two left feet how to strut the horse dance steps, then perhaps you should read Applatters’ The Trending Gangnam Style Horse Dance and the Dancing Baby to know how it should be done.

Whether you like it or not, we can’t deny the fact that this song is still on repeat and can be heard almost everywhere we go. And would you believe that from conquering the radio, television, internet and billboard chart scenes, PSY has eventually dominated the Android Market! Undoubtedly, PSY will once again take us into a whim of fun yet challenging world of Gangnam Style Run.

Be ready to groove and run ala Gangnam Style after the jump.

Behind the Gangnam Style

Most people would just go with the flow of singing and dancing without getting into the details and message of the whole song. Before anything else, let’s find out what does Gangnam Style means? Since PSY is a K-Pop artist, the song basically speaks about the life in Seoul, Korea. According to Urban Dictionary, Gangnam refers to the south of the river. In Korean language, Gang is the river and Nam is the South. So in South Korea, Gangnam is the icon of the rapid economic development during the ’70s and ’80s which became the wealthiest area in the entire South Korea. Connecting it to the song, Gangnam refers to a place where people are mostly rich, beautiful and cool. Sounds interesting, right? It’s time to find out if this app is as interesting as the song!

Mini Flowers‘ may have been strongly influenced by the ever trending and popular song and dance craze by PSY. Since endless runner games have been warmly embraced by a lot of players, creating an app with both trending elements would be a big hit! The basic idea of the app is to run endlessly as you collect the gold coins and avoid those dangerous hazards and obstacles along the way. The farther you run, the better! What would be the best background music for this app? Gangnam Style at your service.

Oppa Gangnam Style Run!

The endless running ala Gangnam Style begins with a quick and interactive tutorial which explains how to manipulate PSY along the game. It is interactive in a way that it will first explain what to do and after which, you can try it out for yourself. The screenshot below shows you how it’s done.

Basically, the controls are very easy and intuitive. PSY will automatically run and you have to tap on the screen to make him jump for him to avoid hazards such as broken roads, birds, cars and other things. In this game, PSY has a special power which enables him to fly for a couple of minutes. You can do this by tapping and holding on the screen for him to fly like a superhero. That’s way too cool!

Just like any other runner games, you have to collect the gold coins and some power-ups which will give you an extra boost in getting farther! You can get a magnet which will allow you to instantly grab all those gold coins along your way. You would notice that there’s a magic bottle on top of your screen, right? This magic bottle will allow you to fly and regain your energy. With Gangnam Style as your background music, you will definitely feel ecstatic and energized as you play this game.

You can also find a mini-game which is similar to a slot machine that you will mostly find in Las Vegas. There will be four cards shown on the screen, each with same design cover of PSY. Tapping on a card gives you free gold coins which depends on how much that card has.

Kirsten Wants

Despite the fact that I was amazed with the idea of this game, with some cloning of Temple Run and modifying it to make it unique and fun just like the dance craze, I just found some glitches that the developers should fix. When I was playing, at some point, the game was lagging. And I think endless runner games should go on smoothly since when there’s a lag, you end up making a delayed move as well. Just like when there’s a broken road, when it stopped, of course tapping on the screen to jump will be delayed, right? Another thing was, the background music of Gangnam Style was playing only the chorus part. It would be better if the whole song is playing. But the rest was good.

Kirsten Loves

I think this was a brave and genius move, to develop an app which is similar to the sequel of Temple Run. We know that Temple Run 2 has just been released and of course, millions of people will download and enjoy this app again. But I find it cute that PSY and Gangnam Style was turned into a fun endless runner game with all those hazards, power-ups and background music to complete the whole Korean experience. But when those glitches were fixed, I bet this will absolutely be an incredible app!

I simply love the fact that there are various beautiful environments which change from time to time. Plus, the unique obstacles which you won’t find in other games such as the yellow mini cooper, bird, pointed fruit and many more. I just find them random yet cute. Considering it’s free, this is a must-try app!

It’s time for Gangnam Style Run!

Having the first video ever to hit those whopping 1 billion views truly shows that Gangnam Style has been like a viral disease that has infected a lot of people in many ways. Until now, there’s no stopping this trend as more apps are being developed mostly for free on the app market.

Overall, this app deserves a three star rating. It is not that well-thought of since there are glitches found in the app. But, knowing that it’s free, the beautiful environments that are changing, the easy and intuitive controls and the excellent power-ups and graphics will give justice to the whole experience of the app. Just like me, you would be addicted playing with it since it is really one fun and challenging app, after all. I guess, fixing and updating the app to make it look even better will make this a trending app as well. Agree?

You can take a sneak peek on Gangnam Style Run’s gameplay on the video below.

If you’re curious enough, go ahead and and try it out for yourself. To see is to believe!

For some highly addictive PSY dance, you may want to try Gangnam Style Horse Dance and Dancing Baby

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