Battle Off The Evil Minions With Nun Attack!

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Eliminate the minions of evil with the help from the nun squad!

Nuns belong to a religious group of women who live by the pledges of obedience, purity, and chastity. Nuns or “Sisters” portray an image that is acceptable to the orthodox views of the world. Their vows of rectitude and their strict intolerance towards adulteration are what make them a devout figure of holiness. To see a nun counter any forms of righteousness and sexual morality will be undesirable to the incredulously judgmental people of the world.

So when a group of religious sisters turn into a badass squad of nuns with guns, how will the world react to it? Such is the difficult premise of this game called . People have warmed up to the contradictory ideas of comic Sister movies such as Sister Act and Nuns on the Run. Even the monastic postulant Maria from the classic Sound of Music became a beloved character to many even though Maria chose Captain Von Trapp and his kids over her supposed religious duties. So, will a group of virtual pistol-toting nuns still offend the many pretentious children of reverence? Hardly.

While Nun Attack might seem blasphemous in their aim to bring women empowerment to a whole ‘nother level (think Angelina Jolie-esque stunts for nuns, unf!), the game still possesses a redeeming quality by its objective of stopping evil and willing goodness to prevail. Now, that is more like it. Even though Nun Attack is a sacrilege to the usual sanctum belief what with their skin-baring outfits in the app’s trailer (dear lord), and gun-smashing super skills, the idea of nuns—being more than their obedient selves and still standing by their faiths—is still something godly. Even that one nun who is sporting a pirate eye-patch while blowing off morsels of demons and evil is something to behold. Wait, a nun sporting a pirate eye-patch?! Holy shhhhh—sister! Holy sister!

Nun Attack is a defense game created for Android and iOS by Frima Studio Inc. Nun Attack follows the story of a group of nun who vowed to help and protect others. The chaos started when Mortanna, a member of the 5 nuns who swore for goodwill, gave in to the force of evil and started looming the world with her dark plans. The more Mortanna spreads her heinous intentions and evil force, the more powerful she becomes. That’s why the remaining army of good sisters started acting against it to stop evil from prevailing.

The 4 Sisters:

  1. Sister Eva – known as the Sister of Guidance. Her special ability is to clone herself to eliminate the opponents faster.
  2. Sister Rosy – known as the Sister of Deliverance. She is also the squad’s sharpshooter.
  3. Sister Olga – known as the Sister of Protection. She is the squad’s toughest member because of her strong built. She can battle with the enemies head-on while the other sisters are flanking the others. Her special ability is Defense and she can be really useful in tough battles against the minions of evil.
  4. Sister Mandy – known as the Sister of Holiness. She is blessed with the gift of healing. Her special ability is health restoration which allows her to return her health status in maximum volume.


Nun Attack bases more on the power of swipes. Each time you enter a certain level, instructions will continue to pop out on the screen. You can move your character by tracing a path between a nun and her destination. To attack or shoot an enemy, you have to draw a line between the nun character and her target. Once you set up the target, the nun will start shooting until the evil forces bite the dust.

The game starts with the players ordering the first nun, Eva, to unlock the other nun protectors. Sister Eva will battle against the minions of evil to bring back the other sisters which are going to be her ally.  The four other nuns will only be unlocked when you successfully finish a level.

The portals at the end of the road, which was created by Mortanna, need to be destroyed. In order to get to these portals, the player has to engage in some serious battle with evil. The portals produce evil projectiles which can decrease your health when you fail to shoot them. Other purple projectiles can be deflected with a swipe of a finger.

Some levels show path which are blocked by debris or piles of skulls. When these barriers appear, look for the nearest detonator in the way to blow up the barriers.

The weapons that the nuns use can be upgraded using the gold coins that you will earn in the combat arena. Just open the weapon inventory if you want to upgrade the nun’s weapon. It is better to have an arsenal of handful weaponries for better target-clearing. Some opponents have longer health meters than the others.

The main goal is to reach the final level where the nuns will have to face with the fallen nun, Mortanna.

The Combat Arena

Before reaching the portals, the player will get to a point (the banner with skulls) where the nun/s will have to face the evil forces that is guarding the portal in the combat arena. Players need to carefully draw their attack so they can finish the targets before the targets diminish the health of the nuns. Every opponent holds gold coins which players can use to upgrade their weapons, or buy miracles.

In the early stages of the game, you can only bring two nuns to the combat arenas and to destroy the portals. Later on, you can tag the rest of the squad to fight off the evil minions. In the combat arena, you can use the nuns’ special abilities by tapping the ability button on the bottom right corner of the screen. These abilities will be effective for a few seconds until the nuns eliminate the forces. You can use the abilities again when there are several points of attack.


When you reach a certain level in the game, and some of your nuns have already levelled up, you will be able to unlock the Miracles for the nun’s benefit. One of the first miracles is the Restoration Miracle. The Restoration Miracle will help you restore all the nuns’ health meter while they are in the combat arena. Miracles can be limited depending on how many times you upgrade the Miracle.

If you want to invoke a Miracle, just tap the Bible button on the bottom left corner of the screen and follow the sign on the invocation screen. The screen will display certain symbols that you will have to follow to summon the Miracles.

When you need to upgrade the Miracles, just go to the Miracle inventory and increase the miracle’s number of usage through the gold coins that you earn in every level. Players can also disable a miracle by tapping it in the Miracle inventory.

Other Features:

  • 40 missions including multiple levels where you can experience more than 150 battles, 3 epic boss fights and a final, climatic face-off with the Fallen Nun
  • Over 80 different guns with various effects (Poison, Shock, Freeze, Burn, Stun, Slow, DOT, AoE, Knockback, Fear, and Charm)
  • 7 different evil-stomping miracles to cast while playing

Jango Attacks!

I might need a confession after I say this: I enjoyed the game!

This game might seem disrespectful to some, but I want to look at this game as an all-female version of The Expendables. It’s that rad!

The controls are seamless, and the vision of the nuns (Lord, I’m so sinful) in action gears is really… Wow. They are so fantastic and they’re really bringing femme fatale to another dimension! Clever.

The music is awesome as well. I love the establishing music because it gives you the feel of watching a full-on action movie like Red or any Sly Stallone classics. And then it goes full scoring—peculiar scoring—when you’re about to go through the path towards the portals. And the graphics are flawless. No bugs. No crashes. No ads (for real!).

The game is fun and has that important replay element because it will not stop you from conquering until you reach the big bad hag.

Will it be so terribly corrupt of me to give this a 5? I don’t see how. Besides, it’s better to be sexy and badass than to succumb to evil and live in his satanic domain, right?! Five stars for Nun Attack then, sistah!

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Battle Off The Evil Minions With Nun Attack!
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