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iTooch makes learning Math, Language Arts, and Science fun and engaging!

It’s Christmas! Yay! And aside from Santa Claus, presents, bonuses, 13th month pay, carols, and other tangible things related to this most-celebrated season, Christmas also means holidays and vacations! Agree? I love vacations. Who wouldn’t like it? I certainly believe that both young and adults look forward to this annual event.

During this Christmas season, it’s a reality that kids result to just hanging out with friends, playing computer games, or just boring themselves to sleep and eat the whole day. Admit it, you once did the same when you were still a kid. I think it’s just normal especially with kids since they get to do the stuff they really like during their no school days or vacations, like the Christmas season that is. And for moms and dads out there who would like their children to do something productive during these times are usually failures, if I may say. It’s natural, on vacations it’s really hard to encourage your kiddos to study their lessons, do household chores, or behave well since for them these days are their freedom days. Well, here’s a confession: I can attest to that because I’ve been like that when I was still younger. Oooppss!

But wait! If you are really itching to make your kids study their lessons without compromising their time for entertainment, today is your lucky day! (Aside from the fact that it’s not yet the end of the world—My apologies, I just want to say it.) As your Ms. Santa let me present to you my early Christmas present, my newfound app that is definitely worth of your and your children’s time. Who knows, this could be the mighty tool that you need to make them spend their time or vacation wisely. Without further ado, let me introduce to you .

Read the rest of this iOS app review to learn more fascinating facts about iTooch.

What is iTooch Elementary Christmas Edition?

iTooch Elementary Christmas Edition is an educational app from eduPad Inc. The iTooch Elementary app is designed to make studying and learning the three basic subjects namely Math, Language Arts, and Science easy and entertaining. It has been used by more than 300,000 students already and is perfect for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders ages 8 to 11.

Interestingly, iTooch is created and developed by a group of teachers, pedagogical experts, parents, and video game designers. This is only means that iTooch is perfectly designed as a child-friendly and informative application. It is packed with programs that help reinforce useful concepts and materials to children of all ages. As a matter of fact, the app covers a year-long school curriculum in a variety of subjects which makes it undeniably extraordinary and fascinating.

What to Expect in the App

  • It contains 10 titles that can be tested for a free charge before purchasing the complete volume.
  • The subjects included in the app are as follows:

Grade 3 – Math, Language Arts, and Science

Grade 4 – Math, Language Arts, and Science

Grade 5 – Math, Language Arts, Science, and Health

  • Each title is composed of around 40 to 60 chapters.
  • It is filled with a great number of lessons, examples, and figures.
  • There are around 1,500 to 4,500 questions for each title.
  • It presents clues, detailed explanations, and images for each query.

Be Amazed with its Unique Set of Features

  • It is integrated with Apple Game Center and has more than 35 unique achievements to unlock.
  • It has an embedded calculator that you can use to make complex calculations.
  • It comes with a virtual blackboard that lets its users draw drafts and figures.
  • There’s a lesson summary attached to each chapter for a detailed explanation of the exercises.
  • It consists of an in-app feedback where you can send suggestions to the author or developer of the app.

How to Use iTooch Elementary Christmas Edition?

iTooch is incorporated with an easy-to-use format so kids can automatically master the material even at their first session. It also has two modes namely the Practice Mode and Test Mode.

  • In the Practice Mode, you can take your time in answering the exercises as there is no timer yet. More so, you can also skip the questions which you find hard or too easy without any penalties. There’s also a scale on the right side of the screen to give you an idea of your performance or record. The indicator moves up to the green zone for every correct answer and moves down to the red zone for every incorrect response.

  • In the Test Mode, however, you need to answer 6 questions correctly in order to advance to the next exercise. Quick thinking is also a must as there’s a time limit provided for each query. You can check the timer at the right side of the screen. Moreover, in this mode a grading system is being used to record your scores. The grading system can be based on points or letter grades.

Where Can I Use iTooch?

iTooch is a learning application that can be used personally or in a classroom setting. The app can be used by parents to engage their kids in short, focused sessions and by instructors to let their students work as a group in doing educational activities.

Lavinia is “iTooching

I personally believe that iTooch Elementary Christmas Edition is definitely a must-have application for all the kids out there. The app serves as an important educational material and offers valuable lessons that children all over the globe must know. I know that these lessons are being taught in schools already, but isn’t it better if we will provide them with an additional reference so they could further develop their knowledge on the specific subjects included in the app? iTooch is created with an amazing purpose and it can be used as a new teaching method where our little angels will absolutely learn relevant lessons while having fun.  Indeed, after personally trying the app, I am greatly amused by its overflowing features. I enjoyed the exercises and all I can say now is that the app rocks!

On the flip side, I just had some minor troubles downloading the other titles at first. But after a while, everything went smooth again. Also, I just thought that the app should have more free exercises as to give the kids the chance to fully enjoy the lessons and further enhance their comprehension without spending too much.

But overall, iTooch Elementary Christmas Edition is definitely going straight to my must-have application list. It’s entertaining, informative, and very useful. Also, as the app name states, the spirit of Christmas is in the air so might as well download this app this instant and make it as your Christmas gift to your adorable kiddos or students. It’s better to give something valuable to kids rather than just some money or toys, right?

is available on the iTunes App Store and compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices. This iOS app requires iOS 5.1 or later. Hesitate no more, iTooch is available for free (Yes, free of charge!) so go ahead and introduce it to your little ones now.

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iOS App Review: iTooch Elementary Christmas Edition
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