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Match baby animals to their mothers and lead these adorable animals to their natural habitat.

One interesting chapter in a kid’s life is his instant inquisitiveness with the things that surround him. No matter how big or small an object is, or how serious or funny his question is, or if the idea he presented is real or superficial, a curious mind can never be stopped. Agree? I’ve been there or rather we’ve all been there so I think it’s no longer an issue if kids do act like that—naughty and full of queries.

On the bright side, I guess we should be happy that kids do ask us things even though they can’t fully comprehend it yet that much. From what I see it, I feel like it’s healthy because it only shows that they are eager to learn and expand their horizons, even at a very young age. Teaching them with educational stuff is way better than just letting them waste their time watching cartoons or playing video games, right?

Speaking of curiosity, one of the most asked questions by our dear young fellows refers to the wide species of the animal kingdom. Have you been in a situation wherein your kiddo suddenly asked you the query, “Where do animals live, Mom?” or “Do animals have kids too, Dad?”. Well, whether you have been there already or are having this eerie feeling that one of these days your child will pop those questions, then this is your lucky day. With Gil Weiss’s newest application, your little one’s queries will be easily answered. How? Through the use of the app. *Wink!*

Continue reading this iOS app review to get more details on this must-try iOS app.

Repeat after me: Animals Babies and Homes. Excellent!

With Animals Babies and Homes, you can now let your nosy little darling familiarize himself with the proper habitats and names of the featured animals. This informative and interactive application is designed to improve your kiddo’s comprehension skill, build his vocabulary bank, and help develop his word and picture association skill. It is packed with a number of colorful puzzle games which will surely capture his attention.

Just like us, animals have their own homes and families too!

Itching to know Animals Babies and Homes’ exciting features? Here, indulge yourselves:
・ It features 2 different languages: English and Hebrew
・ It has 8 engaging puzzle games: 4 levels featuring the parent animals and their babies and another 4 levels for the animals and their respective homes.
・ It teaches your kiddo the names and homes of over 60 animals.
・ It helps in developing your little one’s concentration as he needs to solve the puzzles correctly.

Graphics, sounds, and other technical aspects: Passed!

Technically speaking, I have nothing against the app’s overall package, if I may say. The design is visually appealing. Varied colors are used which is a plus point. (I assume the developers certainly know how to attract the kids.) Music wise, the sound is unsurprisingly pleasant to the ears. The female voice which they used is good likewise. Kids can easily understand and follow what she is saying. And as for the game proper itself, I tell you, it’s going to be a piece of cake.

Lavinia’s End Note

I personally see Animals Babies and Homes as a sure hit for kids ages 3 to 8. Kids will definitely enjoy its vibrant hues and cute images. With this app, children can instantly learn the animal names and its respective homes by matching the mother animal to its baby and the featured animal in its natural habitat. This activity is actually a perfect way to enhance your kiddo’s matching and listening skills. On the flip side, though, I just noticed that the background design in each puzzle piece is an instant giveaway for the kids when playing the game. Just by looking at the backdrop, you can easily determine where to place the puzzle. Also, I feel like maybe adding another quiz or fun game, other than the puzzle itself, will aid in making the app more promising and entertaining. But overall, with Animals Babies and Homes’ rich educational content and since it’s available for free, I can safely say that this is a must-try app. My final verdict: Animals Babies and Homes deserves a four star rating. *Yey!*

is an educational iOS application developed by Gil Weiss. This kid-ucational app is specifically designed for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices. Download it today for free.

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iOS App Review: Animals Babies and Homes
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