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Sheep Dog Pro: A taste of the countryside

For a dose of tranquility and calm surrender, there’s no question about getting exactly that when you’re out on the country side. With the sound of nature turning into a sleepy lullaby, people in the suburbs usually are the happy ones–well, unless you get to harass yourself daily with the thought of grouping together your notorious herd of sheep. Getting in touch with your inner herder self alongside your trusty canine is far easier than before with the help of an Android application! In the comfort and safety of your own home, you can now successfully lead a couple of disorderly sheep to their plot.

Read more of this Android app review of after the cut.

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Monster Stack 2: Don’t Let Them Go Hungry

What do monsters eat for dinner? Shame on you if you still think that they’re out to gobble your feet while you’re sleeping. We’re already too old to believe that monsters thrive under our beds, lurking and waiting for the right moment to attack. Because truth be told, they’d rather chow down a scrumptious chicken leg or a steak. You’ve probably watched one too many Disney movies concerning the humanitarian aspects of monsters so it’s just about time to let go of your childish fears and aid the fluffly-looking monsters reach their food with this app called Monster Stack 2 instead!

Unleash your charitable spirit as you play this physics-based game that is basically a brick game with a freakish twist. Read more of this Android and iOS app review right after the jump.

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Star-blasting with Asterism!

Taking hold of another inter-galactic application called Asterism, I was pushed back to nostalgia. Remembering times where games are simple yet provides no room for boredom. Talk about the brick game! The influx of intricate mobile software that obviously refurbished the age-old games we grew up with became a gateway for people to higher their standards regarding applications. Not that it’s wrong, I just feel like they’re missing out on the real essence of gaming: using your brain. So it’s great to have this new application called Asterism that makes use of a retro game play and even design.

With simple instructions and a user-interface that looks like it’s from yesteryear, people will be taken up to the galaxy through this exciting physics game! Read more of this Android app review to know more about Asterism.

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Color Fusion: Match the colors

Brain-bending puzzles need not have complex rules. It’s better to have the players scratch their heads off because of a frustrating challenge rather than have them breeze through simple puzzles once they’ve caught up with the whole gist. Not naming any apps, but there’s this particular game I’ve been playing for months. It’s a great stress-reliever and at the same time, your logic will still be exercised. But after a couple of days or weeks of play, it became too easy. A characteristic that I doubt Color Fusion will adapt in the long run.

Fond of testing your skills when it comes to mind teasers? Then grab your Android devices and let your brain do cartwheels trying to figure out Color Fusion!

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App Review: Swapps! All Apps, Everywhere

One of the most common problem an app-monger battles head on is the process of searching for a particular app in the midst of all their downloads. If organizing them according to their categories by creating folders on their device’s list of apps is not on their plans, inevitably they’ll start to find that browsing through all their app pages is a tedious process that wastes not just time but their batteries. Though some people have OCD with their smartphones, the tendency to still play hide and seek with their apps will always be there. As for me, what I find most frustrating is the need to always go back to my home screen just to open another app. At first, I had no problem with it but through time, I started looking for ways in which I can navigate my device in the shortest way possible.

Good thing SchizTech has this app called that allows users browse through all their apps via a sidebar that appears when you slide your fingers on your screen. Learn more on how you can have this efficient application by reading the rest of this Android app review.

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Popular Tweets: Know What’s Trending

Thanks to the power of social networking sites, people are more up to date with the latest events in their country, city, or even community. One of the most prominent sites out there that proved to be efficient is, of course, Twitter. With summarized news mixed with personal opinions that people blurt out on their accounts, it has become a tool for gathering not just current happenings because it now acts as a social hub for finding out what the “in-thing” on pop culture is. May it be a sensational band, a social event, global breaking news, or even rumors, a simple hash tag can spark it up your country’s trending topics.

If you’re using Twitter as a platform for knowing what’s going on but you’re not fond of tweeting per se, then check this app called Popular Tweets where you can browse all the trending topics of a specific country or city with just a click without opening your personal account!

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Zombie Smasher: Tap ‘Em to Kill ‘Em!

Think that zombies are being pushed out of the popular circle? Think again! The rise of series, movies, and mobile applications focusing on worldwide annihilation through a super strain of rabies or some sort of air-borne virus has pushed developers to make their own quirky apps starring the well-celebrated antagonists. May it be cute and aggressive garden plants or bad-ass artillery that’s in the front line of the brain war, the flesh-eating somnambulists almost always, never prevail. But it all depends on the game play and the elements available to kill them. Would you mind destroying them using your hand? What if, your fingers?

Sound ridiculous? Maybe. But here’s an app called that’ll put your tapping skills to the test! Read more of this Android app review for some additional tips on squishing dead people.

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Love Test! Summer Edition: In-depth Relationship Assessment

Are you ready to catch some love bugs? Tomorrow, as the month of love officially begins, don’t get too surprised as smittened people act all googly-eyed and cheesy. Flowers, hearts, chocolates, and declaration of supposedly undying love will again fill the air. If you’re in a relationship now, I’m sure you’re stoked as to find out what your partner had prepared for you on Valentine’s Day. And to get you more umped up, take a look at this application that can measure how much you and your partner know each other plus some quirky features that can heat up your love life! 

If you’re planning on spending Valentine’s Day at the beach or somewhere fun and exciting, then Love Test! Summer Edition might be your ultimate guide on making Cupid take your side this year. Read more of this Android app review after the cut.

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Chicken Story 2: Stolen Nests

Sympathize with a distressed hen as she sets forth on battling evil monkey thieves whilst looking for her stolen nest! Challenge yourself with this physics-based mobile game created by Health Pack Games and feel a sense of fulfillment as you reunite a mother looking for her babies.

Deem yourself fit for some monkey dropping and nest hunting? Learn more about Chicken Story 2 by reading the rest of this app review after the cut.

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Move The Box (Steal The Box) for Android

There’s some sort of pull that applications concerning match 3 boxes are creating in the app-sphere. There are even three Applatter reviews (Crazy Boxes Push The Box, and Move The Box) concerning the square containers prior to this one. It was quite a hit a few months back because the usual game play of switching similar icons in a match 3 game was spruced up with new movements like dropping and sliding. Nutty twists were affixed to the basic game but let’s not forget the origin of the whole experience. So take a look at this Android app review as I talk about a clear and mundane app called Move The Box (Steal The Box).

Fond of exercising your logic? Read more about the app after the cut.

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