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The Battery Doctor Is In

Ever felt like you have been cheated? I bet the answer is yes. And the feeling can never be short of distressing. We all seek the cream of the crop and we’d do countless of things just to get it. But what irks me is the feeling that I’m being cheated by my very own gadget when it suddenly dies on me as I answer an important call.

Now, to lessen all the frustrations regarding the battery span of your smartphones, let the Battery Doctor Pro do a full check up! Created by Game Lingo., this app is your helping hand when it comes to taking care of your phone’s power supply.

For . ($0.99)

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Forever Fashionable, Forever Young, Forever 21

Fashion problem: You’re tied up at work, and you need to purchase a mullet skirt, romper, and platform heels. What will you do? Fashion dilemma can now be easily solved as Forever 21 will give you a shop-till-you-drop and stress-free shopping experience with their stylish app.

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Escape the Gates of Hell with Gun Zombie

When zombies plague the city, how will you survive? Are you ready to test your survival skills and be chased by aggressive zombies?

Gun Zombie: Hell Gate is not to be played by flimsy gamers as it contains violence, and it is littered with hasty zombies ready to strike and eat you alive. This app rekindles with other zombie favorites and is made even better, allowing us to kill time and kill zombies wherever and whenever we want.

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The Surf Escape of Subway Surfers

Surf away with a new endless runner game. Subway Surfers offer amazing graphics, great acrobatics, and barriers that will intensify your cunning escape from the cops.

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Get A Clue With Seven Little Words

Let go of that dictionary and thesaurus for its function will be faint as you delve into the clues of the world of words.

Finishing a crossword puzzle and/or finding all the intelligible words in a pool of letters – using a pen and paper –  are one of the mundane joys in life that are slowly entering the obsolete list. Question no more as technology is definitely turning into a commonplace, something that has become trivial for most of the populace.

Although the existence of thick crossword puzzle books are now quite ambiguous, technology is here to serve you with mind-testing games that fit in the pocket of your skinniest skinny jeans. Now let me introduce to you a game that can squeeze the nerd and the word aficionado out of you…

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Tattooed on You: Ink by Ink

Tattoos have long been dubbed as taboo. Yet, this notion still has not hindered people from getting their bodies inked. A form of expression that is incomparable to doodles on drawing pads, tattoos become a physical part of the person signifying spiritual growth, an unavoidable change that had occurred or an unparalleled personality to which cliché clothing fail to express. In a sense, tattoos have not only become a means to freely express oneself but delve into an even deeper meaning to that person’s existence.  Like the famous Johnny Depp stated, “My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.”

While some people have their tattoos all planned out, some simply get inked out on a whim. I plan on getting myself inked by the time I turn 25 for reasons I do not wish to comment on further. However, for those who are planning to get tattooed but a bit curious as to how a tattoo would appear etched onto their skin, here is an app that is sure to answer all your “inkling” questions – Tattoo You. Read more

Roller Coaster Madness

Adrenaline rush in theme parks can finally be experienced with your fingertips. Madcoaster features a rollercoaster that runs through a seemingly endless maze with tricky twists and turns. Upgrades will surely be helpful, but be mindful of the birds along the way.

is an app developed by CGMatic and published by Chillingo. It is a game that has a series of death-defying loops, turns, and gaps that will surely keep your senses heightened while playing. If you are into a crazy nonstop adventure, Madcoaster is certainly a game for you. Read more

Seek and Doodle Find

There are days in our lives that are really tedious, especially weekends – no work and no school. So, what do you usually do during idle times?  I bet you want to  kill the boredom, more so, you don’t want to spend a single penny just to let the day pass by.

Yes, it’s possible! To save the day, why not play an app that gives you pure hunting thrill?

Doodle Find by KlickTock

Indie developer KlickTock have designed , a social hidden object game for both iPhone and iPad. This app actually bucks the usual trends. Rather than searching a room or other piece of scenery for well hidden items that are meshed together, this app simply puts everything up front.
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